NaKeila and Renita’s Vibrant and Traditional Engagement in Dallas.

NaKeila and Renita credit destiny for bringing them together. When they started working together in 2004, they quickly became friends. Two years later NaKeila resigned but that didn't stop destiny from bringing them together once again. After running into each other during a night out, NaKeila and Renita started spending more and more time together and by spring of 2008, became a couple.

Read all about NaKeila and Renita's relationship and their traditional and vibrant engagement session in Dallas, TX. The stunning photographs were taken by MunaLuchi coterie member Amber Knowles of  The Amber Studio.

Engagement Couple: NaKeila & Renita
Occupations: Brokerage Operations & Project Manager
Wedding date: July 15, 2017
Wedding location: W Dallas - Victory
Location of Engagement shoot: South Side on Lamar, Dallas, TX

Tell us about how you met and all about the proposal. Divine order brought us together as DaimlerChrysler hired us both in 2004. Destiny allowed us to work on the same service team. As teammates, we got to know each other and became friends. Two years later I (NaKeila) resigned. Late spring of 2007, we saw each other out on the town. A few months later, we started talking more and began spending time together. By May of 2008, we/"FreeKeila" were officially a couple.

The proposal.  I (Renita) planned to surprise NaKeila and propose on her birthday trip to La Jolla, California. We spent the week exploring the city and taking in the ocean. By her actual birthday, on Wednesday, NaKeila just wanted to relax. I went with the flow but that meant I had to switch up my entire plan! We had a carefree afternoon & romantic dinner. Finally, on a magical night in December, I asked NaKeila to marry me. She said yes!

Describe your engagement session. Our engagement session represents who we are and where we live in homage to our beautiful ancestors and culture. Our engagement session and wedding theme is 'Honor Our Ancestors'.

What did you do on your first date? (Renita) I invited NaKeila to my best friend's baby shower which was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We stayed overnight. We were enjoying each other immensely and did not want the date to end so soon, so on our way back to Dallas/Fort Worth we decided to purchase tickets to comedian Sommore's show at the Dallas Improv to prolong our date. Sommore was hilarious and afterwards we met her! It was an amazing first date and weekend!

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Our favorite thing to do as a couple is travel.

How has wedding planning been so far? Our wedding planning is going smoothly, thanks to the wonderful and talented Marion Marshall, Creative Director of AbsolutelyBlooming! Events and Floral. We shared our vision with her and we are making it happen.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. (NaKeila) I'm looking forward to seeing Renita as my bride and I'm looking forward to Renita being serenaded by her sorority sisters for the Delta Sigma Theta's 'Sweetheart Song'. (Renita) I look forward to seeing NaKeila for the first time, making it official and celebrating with family and friends.

Photography: Amber Knowles, The Amber Studio
Planner: Marion Marshall, Absolutely Blooming! Events and Floral 
Makeup: Krystal King, Charm Makeup Artistry 
Locations: Terri Beck, South Side on Lamar

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  1. Leticia

    Beautiful!!! I need to know where the both of you purchased your clothing. It is exquisite! I wish you two the utmost happiness in love.

  2. Nicole

    I Love Ya’lls LOVE!! Many blessings and much happiness to your union in the years to come. It gets BETTER…can you imagine?! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Amber Knowles - The Amber Studio

    Thank you Muna for sharing their engagement session! It was so much fun working with these two.


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