New York City Chic – A Culinary Experience with Muna Coterie NY

It was New York City quintessence; chic, bold, and sexy. The couples were instructed to dress their best, embodying the style of the trend-setting city. The glam squad–Nicky B and Juicy Looks MUA–was at the ready to transform the already beautiful girls into gorgeous dates for their grooms-to-be. Spa treatments from The Party Spa were offered and Donnell Baldwin aka Mr. BaldwinStyle and author of Grooms gave the gentlemen dapper styling tips for their wedding days. Terrian of Dream Plan-It Events and Victoria of Victorious Events NYC had planned an evening inspired by the simple concept of date night in the city. Beautifully curated, the space at The Lofts at Prince was transformed in a way that married urban swag with romantic luxury. A custom table with a mirrored gold top and a base that spelled out "LOVE" was just one element that wowed. Shades of pink, purple, and red were represented in the form of lush florals designed by Diva Blooms, a lovely complement to the gold chargers and utensils. White candles were placed on and around the table reminding everyone that love and romance were at the core of the entire experience; and it was that love that attracted the team to these three couples in the first place.

The couples, Ijeoma and Jonathan, Sheena and Ryan, and Lakeisha and Kenneth had love stories that resonated with the New York Team, creating a dining experience that kept the strangers talking as if they'd been friends for years. Take a look at the New York City Chic Culinary Experience and get more of the couples' love stories below.

New York, NY., A Culinary Experience with the Munaluchi Bride Coterie from Yamean Studios on Vimeo.

"Jonathan and I met freshman year at Harvard University, but we only grabbed a meal a few times and said hi to each other on campus. The summer before senior year, I went to visit my best friend in DC where Jonathan happened to also be interning, and he invited us out to a birthday dinner. I had never had Ethiopian food before, so he invited me to join him back in Cambridge at a restaurant he liked. By the time the dinner ended, I was smitten," Ijeoma.

"Across the room Ryan saw Sheena and nudged his friend (Jerry), followed by the classic 'whos that?' head nod. His reply would fall on deaf ears as Ryan was mesmerized by what he was seeing. What happens next, you ask? Well, the truth is, nothing. You see.. Ryan was still in his extremely shy stage and couldn't muster up the courage to go over and speak to what his eyes had seen. The party had ended, and no words were exchanged - except the words Ryan unexpectedly blurted out to his friend: ""I'm going to marry that girl.""

3 Months later..Apparently, prayers were answered and Ryan and Sheena found themselves at the same event once more, a small spot in Brooklyn, this time celebrating someone's album release. Things would go much differently this time - they had to, right? You only get one shot at a second they say. The event was going on, and introductions were made (the two shared mutual friends, no formal introduction was given, but the friendly group hi, and I'm so-and-so handshake). From there, conversation and dancing would take place between the two and for the next two hours or so, laughter, jokes, smiles and numbers were exchanged! The drive home, Ryan had looked over to Jerry and gave an awkward; 'Thanks,' to which Jerry would just shake his head."

"We met in college at SUNY Albany in 2006. All of my friends met him before I did. He saw my picture in the common area of the dorm and said I need to meet this girl. At the time I was in a relationship, so we just remained great friends but, we both knew there were sparks. He used to AOL message me and I would get butterflies even though it was a casual conversation. We didn't realize we had so much in common, like movies, shows and food. His screen name was "pimpdaddie," I would always pick fun at him," Lakeisha.

Congratulations to these beautiful couples and our NYC Muna Coterie team!

Venue: The Lofts At Prince
Event Planning and Design: Dream Plan-It Events and Victorious Events NYC
Catering: The Fork Goes On The Left
Florist: Diva Blooms
Photographer: Kesha Lambert Photography
Videographer: Yamean Studios Films
Stationery: Paper Dreams & Keepsakes
Wooden Design: Ten23Designs
MUA: Juicy Looks Makeup Artistry
Hair: Nicky B
Dessert: Sydney's Sweets
Entertainment: MikeMusic
Massages: The Party Spa
Custom Furniture Rental: Chris Almonte of Evolution Event Rentals
Napkins: The Finishing Touch

Mr. Baldwin Style - Grooms book

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