Nigerian and Jewish Multicultural Wedding in California: Chino + Craig

Did you ever hear the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"?  Well, that basically describes Chino and Craig's love story.  Meeting through and planning their wedding from opposite coasts, the distance defined and strengthened their relationship.

Their gorgeous wedding was photographed by Michelle Logan.  You can see more of Michelle's gorgeous photos in the wedding gallery + on our partner site BellaNaija Weddings.

Bride: Chino Okonkwo
Groom: Craig Selinger
Wedding Date: July 1, 2012
Location: Burbank & Los Angeles, CA






The Proposal

"In May of 2011, we spent an extended weekend vacation in the Grand Cayman Island, and I expected Craig to propose to me during this “special” trip. I was so confident, I told my best friends. As we were leaving our Brooklyn apartment to catch the airport car service, I thought Craig left the engagement ring (we picked it out together, a month prior) in the safe. The following day, in the Grand Cayman Island, I asked Craig if he planned on proposing to me during our “special” trip. He told me that he couldn’t because he did not have the right opportunity, before the trip, to ask my mom for permission, so he left the ring behind; my suspicion was confirmed: I was so devastated. That evening, we had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, very close to the beach. After ordering, Craig asked me if I wanted to take a stroll along the beach and check out the sunset. Soon after, Craig kneeled down on one knee and opened up a box with the engagement ring inside! I was so surprised, I slapped Craig's shoulder, like Elaine from Seinfeld, and I even forgot to say yes!"

Wedding Planning

"We were involved in every detail, including creating the ceremony and reception music, choreographing dances for the wedding party and ourselves. To personalize the event further, our guests fingerprinted and signed their names on a family tree picture, and it is now framed and displayed in our home. While waiting in line at the dinner buffet, our guests were videotaped and asked to say their well wishes."

Culture Details

"The Saturday Cultural Wedding took place on Saturday at Chino’s parents’ home in Los Angeles, and it was a theatrical rendition of what happens in the Nigerian villages, till this day. We both wore beautiful Nigerian garb and colorful accessories made in Nigeria.

On Sunday, in Burbank, we had an outdoor interfaith ceremony, surrounded by mountains. Green yarmulkes were offered (green represented the color of the Nigerian flag). The rabbi and the pastor together led the ceremony under the chuppah. During the breaking of the glass, Craig jumped as high as he could and he touched down to cheers of "Mazel Tov!" We also created a spiritual gesture: the groomsmen wrapped yarn around all of the guests, creating a togetherness circle. Chino’s godmother surprised us later by mailing us a scarf, woven from this yarn."

You Make Loving You So Easy
He loves... "Only one thing ;). Her heart."
She loves... "His smarts :)"


View more from this wedding in the gallery here.
Photography: Urban Shutterbug
Videographer: Big 7 Media
Hair: Annie Martin (
Cake: Cakery Bakery
Florist: Yolanda's Floral Design
Sunday Venue: The Castaway
  1. @munaluchiBride

    Nigerian and Jewish Multicultural Wedding in California: Chino + Craig by @urbanshutterbug…

  2. Ebonyelle

    When you say NIGERIAN bride it only indicates the geographical location the bride comes from but not her CULTURE. There are tons of cultures in the region. When you say the groom is Jewish, I can attach that to a religion, traditions, laws, customs etc. I have no idea where he is from based on “Jewish” other than being European by his appearance. But, I was wondering if the bride just might be IGBO? If so & you said Igbo my antenna would go up. I’m ALWAYS looking for Ibgo related things. They are O.G. Jewish Anusim! ;)

  3. @moronwatch

    An example of the multiculturalism that #UKIP is bravely defending us against

  4. @SensiblePeanut

    RT @moronwatch: An example of the multiculturalism that #UKIP is bravely defending us against

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  6. Kristin of byPetronella Photography

    Love the seemingly seamless incorporation of cultural details – the yarmulkes offered in green to represent the color of the Nigerian flag. And this idea blew me away: “spiritual gesture: the groomsmen wrapped yarn around all of the guests, creating a togetherness circle.” Love! Best of luck to this beautiful couple!

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  8. lilkunta

    based on the name Chino she is Ibo. There is link to Bella Naija if you want to know more. Did Chino convert to Judaism or agree to raise kids Jewish? Usually that is Jewish requirement.


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