Part IV: Roxanne Bellamy Talks Miami Destination Weddings At The Biltmore Hotel

#Happy Tuesday! Over the past month, event designer and planner, Roxanne Bellamy has shared with us why Miami is the perfect stateside location for your "I-do's". Throughout, Bellamy has provided us with the ideal Miami venues to hold your wedding based on the aesthetic you're hoping to achieve on your wedding day! In the final installment of her series, she is speaking to those charming couples who seek to bring vintage, old world flair to their modern day nuptials.

Read on for more from this planner extraordinaire and don't forget to check out Roxanne's previous destination wedding features and be sure to continue to follow all her happenings on Instagram and Facebook!

Roxanne Bellamy: For many newly-engaged couples, Miami is an appealing wedding destination due to its diverse cultural influences, variety of venue options, and breathtaking scenery. While South Beach is a usually the first location that pops into one's head, many of Miami’s gems lie within its smaller, surrounding neighborhoods.

Take the next venue on our list, The Biltmore Hotel, a Miami icon located in Coral Gables, a posh little suburb just south of downtown Miami. Built in the mid 1920s, The Biltmore Hotel, with its unmistakable retro appeal, is the epitome of Roaring Twenties glam. With its famed archways, extravagant gardens, and fresco paintings, the Mediterranean-inspired hotel is a stunning nod to Spanish, Moorish, and Italian architecture and design.

The delightfully befuddling, architectural mash-up creates a remarkably versatile space that is capable of conjuring images of everything from an Italian palazzo to an Iberian castle; a sun-dappled-Mediterranean terrace to the moody hallways of The Alhambra. The Biltmore is the perfect Miami venue for fulfilling your desire for classic glam in an exotic locale…no passport required.

Inspire Me

A lace and applique adorned gown like this Marchesa masterpiece needs little accoutrements. Pair with luxurious plates, rich gold flatware and wooden, infinity chairs. A deconstructed centerpiece, like the one created by the gals over at Studio Mondine, is the icing on the cake. Old World, Anew!

1. Marchesa Bridal | 
2. Casa de Perrin
| 3. Nuage Designs
| 4.Studio Mondine
| 5. Casa de Perrin

The Biltmore Hotel is a prime example of how wide-ranging the treasures in Miami can be. Your needs, whether for Modern Romance, Artistic Minimalism, Palatial Glamour or Old World Anew can be met within the confines of this ridiculously diverse city of Miami, FL.

Stanlo Photography
Article: Roxanne Bellamy Events
Venue: The Biltmore Hotel


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