Savoring the Fruits of ‘Happily Ever After’ – An Interview with Sharlinda and Q. Parker

Author: Lily B. Donkor

What if you could spend an afternoon with a Grammy Award winning singer who's not only made record-shattering love songs but whose real marriage is a #RelationshipGoal – would you have some questions for him? We certainly did!

The Silk Oyster got the chance to interview Q Parker of 112 and his vivacious wife Sharlinda during a photoshoot at the Riverside EpiCenter in Atlanta. The couple was in no way inhibited by the lights, cameras, and stage hands – wardrobe designers, makeup artist, photographers - when it came to showing their affection for one another. Of the many outfit changes, Sharlinda looked heavenly in a Fiskani styled formal gown as her man–dressed head to toe in Eaden Myles- serenaded her. The couple said they make it a point to maintain their appearances and get dolled up for one another –one of the many elements that keeps their love fresh and desirable.

What do you love most about each other?
Q: I love how my wife just goes HARD for the things she is passionate about, and that includes me!
Sharlinda: I love a few things about my husband! I love how he loves God! I love how he works so hard to provide for our family! I love the fact that he has a big heart.

How has celebrity status impacted your relationship?
Q: Celebrity status has had an affect on our relationship, our lives are no longer private; We really had to figure out how to have intimate and private moments without them becoming public.
Sharlinda: Our relationship is watched like combing hair with a fine tooth comb! So because we are human, when things happen we are on a chopping block with no questions asked.

Being that you are both so busy with his music and guest appearance and your Nail Salons and product lines (Sharlinda), how do you spend quality time with each other?
Sharlinda: Q and I make a conscious effort to spend one day out of the week –Wednesdays- for family time. We also make time to have date night or days with just the two of us at least 3 times a month typically on Mondays. I take into consideration that Q travels a lot.
Q: We decided that we MUST make time for each just as much as we do for everything else. Monday is our day for US. I always tell my wife that I love night time because that's the time that I have her completely to myself to talk, cuddle, share, be intimate without interruptions.

What would you say keeps the two of you together?
Sharlinda: The foundation our marriage is built on is the word of God! God is the glue that keeps us together!
Q: Knowing each other's love language and being able to speak it daily. Also honesty and communication.

What is your favorite feature on him/her?
Sharlinda: I have a few favorites. But I’ll say his chest and lips!
Q: My wife's curves and her feet. Yes I'm a feet guy!!! hehe

Does your spouse gives signs or queues when they are in a sexual mood? Sharlinda: I'm blushing. Yessssss my husband is always in a sexual mood! Whether I'm ready or not he's always ready!
Q: When you have been together as long as we have you kinda just know. If there is any sign I would say, when she comes to bed completely naked -She normally sleeps in intimate night wear.

Who is the peacemaker in your relationship?
Q: I would say that I'm the peace maker. I am very laid back and mellow.

We are exact opposites when it comes to...
Q: Discipline. My wife is a drill Sargent. I am more motivational in my approach. Sharlinda: Yes. With raising our kids, I'm very hard core when it comes to discipline.

My husband/wife is best at...

Q: Being nurturing.
Sharlinda: Maintaining and running our home. He knows this house inside and out. I'm so amazed when something goes wrong and he's on it pronto. And it's like nothing was ever wrong.

What does your spouse do to make you feel loved?
Sharlinda: My husband tells me all the time how much he loves me verbally and physically! Q goes above and beyond to make me feel loved!
Q: A simple text or a word of affirmation does it for me.

What tips can you offer a new couple about staying together in the face of challenges?
Sharlinda: I would advise any new couples to communicate, communicate, communicate and communicate!
Q: COMMUNICATION!!!!!!! Talk about EVERYTHING!!! If GOD ain't in it, don't even think about winning.

What was the last thing that your spouse did that was romantic?
Q: She made me a candle lit dinner in lingerie.
Sharlinda: I'm so blessed to have a husband that’s always pampering me with romantic settings. The last thing was a foot rub and a pedicure soak. Awwwwwhhhhhh! Q has to sometimes remind me to do something nice for him! I feel so bad at times when I'm too busy to remember!

It was an absolute delight to get marriage advice, born of real life experience, from the Parkers. What’s truly impressive is how they make it work privately while succeeding in the world of flashing lights and ever-ready cameras. Q and Shalinda have been married for over thirteen years and from the looks of it, their love is just getting warmed up!

Written by Lily B. Donkor Founder & Curator –Silk Oyster
Suit by Eaden Myles
Photography by Michael W. Eaton Photography
Female wardrobe Styling by Fiskani
Sharlinda Parker clothing provided by The Ivy Showroom
Makeup by Shantel Jordan - Unforgettable Faces
Venue - Riverside Epi Centre - Austell, GA

  1. Dorshalee

    You make a beautiful couple!

  2. SweetT

    They are super cute and the pics and words certainly sound they’ll go the distance. I wish them years more of love & happiness! BTW, how long have they been married? Or did I miss that part? Also, how’d they meet? What does Sharlinda do?

    • Lily B. Donkor

      Hi SWEETT,

      Sharlinda owns a salon and has a few beauty product lines. They have been married going on 14 years. :) How amazing is that!?


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