Pink and Gold Wedding Inspiration

I can find inspiration in just about anything and being in the wedding industry, I find that to be a great asset to have.  Pink has always been one of my favorite colors and seemingly since the beginning of time, it's been used to separate the girls from the boys.  There are girls that love the color pink and some that can do without it. I'm such a girlie girl and happen to love the color!  Pink can easily be paired with ivory, gold, green, and so many other colors under the rainbow.  It's a beautiful color and very versatile. You may have seen a previous inspiration board here and a styled shoot here featuring the color pink.

If I may get personal for just a moment, to tell you how today's post and inspiration board was inspired....

The other day, I had my annual mammogram.  Although I'm always a wedding planner, in that moment I was a patient and was simply focused on the procedure at hand.  As I was sitting there chatting with the technician, she asked me what my favorite wedding color was.  Without hesitation, pink was my reply.  As the day progressed, the planner in me thought back to that moment; that simple question, and the realization that the symbol for breast cancer is also pink.  Today's inspiration board was inspired by the color pink, the girlie girl in me that loves the extra sparkle, and the women who never stop fighting.  As I've gotten older, the color pink has had the same effect but a far greater meaning. I hope you find inspiration in this pink and sparkly gold inspiration board.  Enjoy!

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