Powerful Elegance – Engagement Session in a Washington, DC Mansion

Reghe and Nana first met at a club where Reghe was celebrating a friend's birthday. By coincidence, one of Reghe's college friends was also at the club, sitting with a group of friends at the next table, where among them was Nana. Though everyone at his table was trying to capture Reghe's attention, her own curiosity was piqued by the one person who wasn't. Walking over to introduce herself to Nana, they began a conversation continuing to this very day. That evening they "ended up inseparable, dancing the whole night," scheduling their first date the very next day.

Read all about Reghe & Nana's love story, romantic proposal, and wedding aspirations, in their traditional African and modern regality engagement - featuring planning by MunaLuchi Coterie member Enchanted Events.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Reghe & Nana
Occupations: Project Manager & Business Owner
Wedding date: 8/10/19
Wedding location: MGM National Harbor
Location of Engagement shoot: Supreme Court and Anderson House, Washington DC

Tell us how you met. I went to my friends birthday party at a club called Rosebar in DC, and one of my college friends was coincidentally at the same club and got a table right beside us. Nana was sitting at his table, and it seemed like everyone was trying to holler at me except him. So when I walked by my college friend's table, I saw him looking my way but didn't say anything. So I stepped up to him and asked who he was and why he hadn't introduced himself to me yet like everyone else at his table - with a playful giggle of course. He said something slick and we ended up inseparable, dancing the whole night. My phone died at the club. I gave him my number, and he texted me his number too. When I got home and charged my phone I replied to him and he responded quickly at almost 5AM - I knew he was hooked! He also called me six hours later to ask me on a date for the next day.

Tell us all about the proposal. I thought he would NEVER ask me to marry him because he had been teasing about proposing for so long. I thought I might have to go into the new year single. Seriously, I was on proposal watch, and I was always dressed to perfection every time we went out because I didn't know when he would get on one knee. It dragged on to almost the end of the year, and I had to fly out to North Carolina for Christmas holiday. He asked me if we could go on a double date with one of his friends, I told him yes, but I had to finish up some work plus I had to travel. He kept blowing up my phone and kind of being annoying asking me to hurry up so we could see each other before my flight. I finally got all my stuff and got into an Uber and guess what? My Uber driver and I were talking about engagement/marriage. Right before I got to Nana's home I remember the Uber driver saying, hey you never know he might pop the question today, and I was like, nope! I have to catch a flight in three hours it's not happening today. I got to his apartment complex and they were having an Xmas party, and the staff were giving me a hard time to go upstairs because someone had to buzz me in. I was super frustrated and annoyed by the time I got to his door. I tried to open the door and it was locked. I banged so hard, like the cops! The door flung open and my baby was standing in the middle of a rose petal shaped heart. I was surprised and dropped everything including my purse in the hallway and walked in!

What did you do on your first date? I had been on a dating hiatus for about a year, so going on a date was exciting and a little nerve-racking as well. I didn't know what to expect with him, so I picked a location close to my home, just in case I needed to quickly leave if the date was bad. I got carried away with work, and so was a little late to come downstairs for him to pick me up for the date. He says he waited two hours, I say more like 30-45 minutes. I remember I hugged him when I came downstairs and said "I only have about 45 minutes to an hour for the date because I have to finish some work. I said that because I wasn't sure if the date would go well, but we ended spending about 3-4 hours together. We went to a lounge downtown Silver Spring, MD and we chatted and laughed a lot. I really enjoyed his company; we were vibing and he seemed to be really smitten by me already. He was such a gentleman on our first date and opening the door for me in the car and even when he dropped me off. He gave me a long hug that gave me butterflies all through my body. Also, I have a couple of tattoos and I told him what they meant to me, and how much I love flowers because my body was a garden. The very next day after our first date he had a dozen white roses delivered to my apartment, which was super sweet!

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We LOVE everything football! I think I'm more into it than him! Also, an essential thing we have in common is fitness; I am a big fitness and health freak, and I love that my life partner shares the same lifestyle.

Describe your engagement session. The engagement theme follows our wedding theme of grandiose (or opulence and gold) with traditional African outfits, flowy ballgown, and a stylish suit.

How has wedding planning been so far? I know people experience bad wedding planners a lot. Initially, we had an awful experience wedding planning due to our former planner who was awful, but thankfully we saw the light in time to hire a new wedding planner, Victoria of Enchanted Events, and now things are copacetic and we are all smiles counting down to #lovesolit

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Looking forward to getting butterflies like our first date...can’t wait! Or looking forward to our vows, extreme PDA and dancing the night away.

Planner: Enchanted Events
Photographer: Zoomworx
Videographer: URC Studio
Makeup: Sade Falade 
Hair: Unique Berry 
Dresses: Zoe Arku Designs
Nana’s Suit: Thomas Rogat III
Bride: Reghe

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