Prisca + Eric: {Engaged}

Special Tip: If you really like a girl, this is exactly what you should do: ignore her! Well, that was Eric's grand strategy, but it didn't really work. Thankfully, he finally successfully got together with Prisca, the girl of his dreams - and now, he'll never ignore her again :)

Enjoy this gorgeous, colorful and extremely stylish engagement session by the brilliant Kirth Bobb of KBobb Photography.

The Bride: Prisca Jerome
The Groom: Eric Jackson
Date of E-Session: 04.15.2012
The Locations: Washington DC; Old Town Alexandria, VA; Penn Quarter, Washington, DC; and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

The Meeting ..... "Eric and I met freshman year at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002. He knew most of my friends, but for some strange reason when I was around my friends he would never say anything to me but talked to everyone else. To this day, Eric will say that was his way of standing out from the other guys, but back then I thought it was kind of It took a fire drill and a little push from one of his friends to approach and start talking to me. That night we talk for hours, which led to a conversation that lasted for ten years. Thanks to the fire drill and the push from his friend I have found my best friend and my true love. I'm so lucky that I get to be married to him on September 15, 2012 and can’t wait for this day to come."

The Proposal ..... "Eric planned an unforgettable proposal that I will always [hold] dear to my heart. June 25th 2011 was supposed to be just an ordinary day filled with activities, but he definitely swept me off my feet that day. That day, he planned a series of activities for us to do, but somehow he made me feel like I came up with most of the events that day: from the DC Caribbean festival to a romantic dinner at the exquisite 1789 restaurant in Georgetown, but the real treat was when we got back home. With the help of my best friend, I came home to rose petals and candles placed throughout the entire house - from the staircase, to the dinning room, which led to the bedroom. When I first opened the door to the house, for some reason, I was not really paying attention ..... but, as soon as I turned my head and saw the rose petals and candles going up the staircase ..... I thought, "Oh, he just wants to have a romantic evening." My facial expression totally changed as I started walking up the stairs and saw a cake shaped like a Tiffany blue gift box with the words ‘Say Yes’ written on it. There was a real Tiffany box next to the cake and the song ‘You’ by Jessie Powell playing in the background. I started to tear up because, at that moment, I knew exactly what was going on.  He asked me for a dance and started expressing his feelings and love for me. All of a sudden, he dropped to his knees and asked if I would do him the honor of being his wife. I couldn’t even get the word, "yes," out of my mouth. I so wanted to call my friends to tell them the wonderful news but he persuaded me to hold off until the next day since he did not ask my dad’s permission before he proposed. I should have known he had something planned, but I was so naive and caved in to his request. The next day, he asked me to come with him to my dad’s house in order to ask his permission. When we got to the house, surprisingly, I saw all my close friends and family there to celebrate our engagement ...... What more could I ask for in a man who would go beyond everything to make me happiest woman on earth? On September 15, 2012, I can’t wait to call him my Husband and I know he can’t wait to make me his Wife as well."

The Inspiration ..... "Our theme and inspiration for the engagement session was the season’s color blocking idea. We made it known to each other that we would not wear the same color outfits, but instead wear colors that will complement each other.  From looking at our pictures from the day to the night shoot, you can definitely tell how intensive our shopping trips were."

Incorporating Culture ..... "I’m originally from Ghana, so one thing that I incorporated in the e-session shoot was to wear a colorful beaded necklace; we all know most African countries wear a lot of beaded jewelry."


{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "If I had to name one thing I love most about Prisca, it would be her smile. Prisca has a beautiful smile, and it makes it hard to resist smiling back at her. She has a way of making everyone feel welcome, special, and wanted with just a simple smile. With Prisca by my side, I can accomplish anything in life that I set my mind to. She has always been supportive and she will continue to be there for me Today, Tomorrow and Forever!  Most importantly, Prisca is the most beautiful person I know both inside and out."

She loves ..... "One thing I love most about Eric is his kind heart. Eric is very humble and the type that puts everyone’s needs and wants before his. He makes sure everyone is happy, which amazes me each and every time. He is such an amazing and wonderful man that sees the good in everyone, no matter what the situation may be, and always tells me to be myself and look on the bright side in every circumstance. He never changes who he is or his character just because someone does him wrong. Eric stays true to himself at all times and I am very proud of him for that. I’m very grateful and thank God for putting such an incredible man in my life."

Thanks for sharing your special day with us! And thanks to Kirth for these stunning photos.  Click here to view the entire gallery.

  1. Tony W

    Your engagement pictures came out great!! I’m very happy for both of you and hope that God continues to bless you both on your upcoming union.

  2. Kirth

    Great Couple to work with . We had a blast!

    • munaluchibride

      Thanks for sharing Kirth. Definitely on the list as on of our favs:)

  3. Terrica

    Absolutely gorgeous couple!

  4. Kieta

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I am just glad to say that I knew them when :)
    They make a great couple!


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