Quana and Deiric’s Extravagant Engagement in North Carolina

From the beginning Quana & Deiric's love story has been centered around family and friends. They first met at a friend's baby shower so it was only fitting for family and friends to be a major part of their engagement. On the night he proposed, Deiric planned an extravagant surprise engagement party.

Read all about Quana & Deiric's formal engagement session in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. The day was beautifully captured by MunaLuchi coterie member Rhea Whitney.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Quana & Deiric
NFL agent/Doctor of Physical Therapy 
Wedding date: 
August 3, 2018
Wedding location: 
Charlotte, NC
Engagement Session Location: 
Charlotte, NC

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. We met at a baby shower that was for his best friend who is now married to my sorority sister. He is the baby's godfather and she's now three years old (our flower girl - YAY!!). He planned a very well thought out engagement party for me the night he proposed. He reserved the private room at Ruth's Chris and invited 35 of our closest family and friends. I thought we were just going for dinner and drinks but little did I know, I would be walking into a room filled with loved ones. As I entered the room, the song "Fall for You" by Leela James was playing and two slideshows with pictures of us were on the wall. He immediately began to sing along to the song in front of our loved ones. I was a teary-eyed mess. On the second verse of the song, my dad, who resides in south Florida, came from behind a curtain and surprised me! I completely lost it. I'm a daddy's girl and that just meant the world to me to see him there. My dad and I shared an emotional moment and then he walked me over to Deiric, my fiancé, hugged him and gave him my engagement ring. My fiancé gave a heartfelt speech sharing with our loved ones why he chose me to be his wife and how I made him become a man. It was an amazing speech that came from the heart. He then turned towards me, got on one knee, and asked me to marry him! And OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!

Describe your engagement session. I wanted a formal engagement session in downtown Charlotte to match our Black Tie wedding.

What did you do on your first date? For our first date, we went to a dessert bar in downtown Charlotte and did hookah!

Favorite things to do together? We love to hang out, eat, and have drinks!

How has wedding planning been for you? So far we both have thoroughly enjoyed wedding planning. Going smoothly so far! He lets me have my way, lol!

What are you looking forward to most on the wedding day? I'm most looking forward to seeing him during our first look session with our photographer.

Photographer: Rhea Whitney Photography
MUA: Yanneek Brinson
Lipstick: Lip Fetish Cosmetics

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  1. Nikki James

    Beautiful pictures! Please share where you purchased the white jumpsuit—thanks.

  2. Nae Spice

    I love stories like this. Such a love story that was definitely preordained by God. I wish you two all of the best Soror! Congratulations


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