Rakel and Lavard’s Old Hollywood Romantic Engagement

You know the story of those old Hollywood romances, boy meets girl, girl is intrigued but reserved, boy becomes determined to win the heart of his queen. For Lavard winning Rakel’s heart became a life mission the first time he laid eyes on her, but for Rakel it was their second encounter on the beaches of Nassau when she realized she could no longer hold her guard. Some couples are just meant to be, for Lavard and Rakel their smiles say it all…

Read all about Rakel & Lavar’s love story, sweet proposal, and wedding aspirations in their stylish Nassau, Bahamas engagement.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Rakel & Lavard
Occupations: Marketing Manager/Writer & Engineer
Wedding date: December 1, 2018
Wedding location: Holy Family Catholic Church (Ceremony) & St. Joseph’s Hall (Reception)
Location of Engagement shoot: The Cloisters, Nassau Bahamas

How did you meet? Interesting story how they met. So Rakel was in the process of renewing her passport and a mutual friend of the now couple had called her, told her he could help then invited her to meet him and Lavard under the local dock. When they met she was immediately fascinated by his brown eyes and well kept persona. She remembers saying to herself wow his teeth are nice and his shoes are clean. Teeth and shoes were always a big deal for her since she loves to make people smile and teeth says a lot about hygiene. Sparks didn’t fly instantly with this couple as it would appear today but Lavard swept Rakel off her feet by their second encounter at the beach. Lavard spent much of his life around the sea being an “island boy” and acquired a huge love for diving, I guess that’s how he knew when he caught his best catch, Rakel! Their fascination for one another grew even more when Rakel dropped a line on Lavard being the charismatic person that she is. At the time of meeting him Lavard was living on a private cay and rarely came to Nassau before they met. She asked him at the beach, “How often do you come to Nassau?” He replied not often and she said very frank, “well that’s about to change.” From then on, the couple have been inseparable and no amount of distance has been able to break that bond.

Tell us your proposal story. This is the best kept secret of all. So Rakel aside from being a writer also acts. It’s so hard to catch her off guard she said. So when Lavard thought he did catch her off guard for their proposal, it was so funny to her that she kept the secret of already finding out about her proposal to herself. After her sold out stage performance, they went to celebrate in the quietness of their own home, Rakel said she remembers it like it was yesterday because every time she fills the water pitcher she recalls how he leaned over her shoulder with the Zales ring box not saying a word. Lavard is a man of not many words when it comes to his love but his actions exuded in her engagement ring.

Describe your engagement session. Their engagement session was so important to them that they planned it from five months in advance. Rakel wanted to tell her love story through her photos with her “Vintage Hollywood Glam” theme. Being a writer and having written so many other stories she thought it was time to tell both her and Lavard’s story, “A Perfect Match.” Our story is a romantic comedy filled with many sweet moments and so she wanted the comedy and romance to come out during their engagement shoot. Dressing up in their "roaring 20’s" ensemble loosened up the couple enough to bring humor and capture some of their private moments.

What did you do on your first date? On our very first official date we went to our local fish fry, “Arawak Cay” which is still one of the couple’s favorite places to hang out to date. The couple said their first date will always be remembered because while at one of the bar stalls, the owner said “you two look great together”.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Their favorite thing to do as a couple is travel. The first trip they ever went on was to Jamaica and Rakel has said that next to her passport, Lavard is her travel necessity. The couple loves sharing new experiences together and traveling allows for so many things. Lavard enjoys trying new foods and Rakel enjoys shopping and trying on new clothes so their travel itineraries are nearly the same.

How has wedding planning been so far? The wedding planning has been amazing. Rakel being creative is extremely active in the planning of her wedding. She along with her mother is planning to put the vintage all the way back in Hollywood. Lavard has been great too which is unexpected as grooms tend to take the more hands off approach but off course he doesn’t want anything to fluster Rakel so he has been there every step of the way.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. What Rakel is looking forward to most are her vows. Yes the wedding she anticipates will be nice but her focus is the ceremony. The shortest moment in the wedding yet the most important as it will be the start to the rest of their lives together as husband and wife along with her stepson. Being a stepmother has made this journey even more important as she and Lavard are both huge on family. She intends to dedicate her vows which she will prepare to both her husband to be and stepson to be. It is important to her that her stepson Lavard Jr understands that they will all be a family.

Wedding Planner: Gem’s Designs
Photographer: Digital Kafe Photography
Makeup Artistry: Glow & Glamour

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