Real Fusion Wedding in {Brooklyn}: Farrah + Abiola – and the Bride Wore BLACK!

Farrah and Abiola are anything but conventional - and that's the way they like it! Having first met on the dance floor, and then, going through an interesting chase, Farrah and Abiola decided that it was time their hearts stayed put with each other and ceased the pursuit. :) Abiola was so convinced of this that he proposed to Farrah not once, but twice! I did say they were unconventional, right? ;) Read the story of this interesting couple in their own words. Their very uniquely beautiful  was photographed by Amber Knowles of The Amber Studio. Look out for the bride bucking all the rules as she looks ravishing in black, and the 21st century vow reading by the couple - no papers and pens here. :)  Also, be sure to check out this super stylish couple on our partner site,

Bride: Farrah Desir
Groom: Abiola Oke
Occupations: Bride - Senior Executive Director of Construction @ YMCA ; Groom - Associate Vice President at Citigroup
Wedding Date: 04.07.2012
Location: Causey Contemporary Art Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

How They Met ..... "Okay, so this is how we met. Before we actually go into "The Story," we've already sent the script out to a studio of which, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and Sarah Silverman (Farrah's choice; don't ask) have agreed to play our roles. Yep. Keep a look out. ;)

Farrah and Abiola first met on the 15th of July, 2004 while both attending an after-work event at theChina Club. Abiola spots this beautiful girl near the dance floor standing with a friend and her cousin, Constance. Abiola decided to go ask her for a dance. He found Farrah very attractive and inviting; so, they enjoyed a few dances together that evening. Many years, later Abiola would eventually discover that the only reason Farrah agreed to dance with him was because he was African and wore a suit; since she hadn't dated an African man before, she thought it'd be interesting. We’re assuming that if he were American it'd be an entirely different story.

Shortly thereafter, Abiola and Farrah stayed in touch and decided to go on a date. On their first date, Abiola took Farrah to see Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Farrah thought Abiola had an interesting sense of humor. In hindsight, the movie selection was a big risk and could have been a deal breaker, but he felt comfortable with her and her with him.

After subsequent dates, Abiola continued to pursue Farrah for 4 months to no avail, until his friend AJ told him not to call her again. Abiola heeded and suddenly, the tides turned and Farrah became the pursuant. So, one day, Farrah asked Abiola to meet her at a local Starbucks near the Empire State Building for coffee to which he obliged. They sat drank and discussed a long life together and that's when it all began."



Proposal 1 ..... "Following the couple’s brief breakup during the summer of 2007, Abiola was determined to make sure that Farrah would never get away again. He knew she was the one and made sure that this was the year he’d propose to her. He initially decided to propose to Farrrah during their vacation trip to Costa Rica with her birth stone, Opal. However, due to the sudden nature of the trip, Abiola didn’t have the time to plan the proposal the way he envisioned it. He decided to do it when they returned.
So, on a night that could best be described as "turbulent," Abiola and Farrah engaged in a heated argument, right before entering a restaurant for dinner. The argument was so intense that they both lost their appetites and decided to go home without eating. Silen, the entire way home, Abiola began to get that burning desire in his heart again. Immediately, they entered the house, Abiola got on one knee, unexpectedly to Farrah and asked her to marry him. In tears, Farrah said, "yes." Pressure creates the most precious stones.

The couple then began shopping for a ring. After a long search, Farrah decided that she was bored with the entire process and decided that she didn't want one. Additionally, she didn't feel that any of the rings spoke to her, so they decided to put it off the ring search and focus on buying a home and developing it to their hearts content. We both felt that the ring would eventually come to us when the time was right.”

Proposal 2 ..... "Fast forward to 2011, 1.5 years after Abiola and Farrah bought their house and spent many days and nights renovating their home; the time had come. During a late night pillow-talk session, Abiola told Farrah that he really would love to see her wear a ring to signify to the world that she was his. Farrah decided that the only condition to wearing one would be that she design the ring and of course Abiola agreed.  Farrah eventually found a boutique jeweler which she was pleased with and began the design process. After many weeks, Farrah finally designed the very ring she never knew she wanted. (Might we add that she's an architect?)

It was the week of the Super Bowl and Farrah & Abiola were scheduled to pick up the ring the Tuesday of that week. Abiola, fully mindful of the gunshot style of the 1st proposal decided to make things a little more special this time around. He decided to call the jeweler and ask them to tell Farrah that the ring wouldn't be ready until Friday. Farrah was tense, nervous and anxious, as she couldn't wait to see how her design turned out.

The couple had been working on completing some work on their house prior 6th Annual Super Bowl Party and Abiola saw this as a great opportunity to take Farrah out to dinner to take a break from the house work and propose in a more memorable way. Prior to the dinner Abiola called Farrah's Father and mentioned that there was something he should've asked him a long time ago to which Mr. Desir responded, "No, Farrah is not available." After a few laughs, a request of his daughter’s hand in marriage and blessings, Abiola was ready to go.

Dinner was at DANIEL, one of only five Manhattan restaurants with The New York Times' coveted four star rating. Farrah had no idea and was impressed with his choice of restaurant. Abiola was nervous, even though he knew what the answer would be; he still wanted it to be perfect. He was so nervous he forgot his sports jacket at home. Luckily, the venue provided loaners. The hostess and all the servers were aware of what was to transpire.  Abiola relieved himself from the dinner table after the first course and went to hand over the ring to the Maitre D'. The ring was to come out with dessert. Abiola was sweating. It was dessert time. Finally Farrah ordered a chocolate mousse cake and it was the big moment. The waiter placed the ring in a mound of sugar and unveiled it to Farrah's surprise. Initially, she didn't even notice there was a ring in the sugar mound, because she was upset that the chocolate mousse cake was white and not brown. Then Abiola got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage AGAIN, and of course she said "Yes", to much amusement and applause. It was done!"

Wedding Details ..... "The planning of this wedding was actually a pleasurable one. Farrah and I both have very similar tastes so it was very easy to agree on things. The most important aspects of the planning for us were unconventionality and having a great time. By that I mean, we really wanted to dance the night away, which we happily did. Farrah wore a black dress which was an expected surprise to many guests :-) Another pleasantry for the guests was experiencing the Nigerian custom of spraying money; a moment where the bride and groom dance, whilst guests spray them with money."

Cultural Fusion ..... "The incorporation of cultural elements was one of the most important aspects of the wedding for us. Abiola is Nigerian and Farrah is Haitian. We did this by having the wedding ceremony in Yoruba cultural attire and the reception in western clothing. The menu was a fusion of both Yoruba and Haitian dishes. Additionally, the music was certainly a blend of sorts."

Most Unforgettable Moment ..... "This is an easy one. The most memorable part of the wedding day was when we were introduced as husband and wife. We walked in elated to French band M83's Midnight City. Every time we hear that song, we smile. It never gets old as we both cheese typing this. :)"

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "I love her open mindedness and unconventionality; it would be conventional to state one thing, don't you think? :-)"

She loves ..... "I love his charisma!"


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  1. Onyi

    OoooooUuuuuuCcccHhhh….So romantic, wz crying. Didnt know there re still guys out there dat can do romance…I really love u guys and how u do ur tins, u dnt give a damn…Happy Married Life and wishing u all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @merdip

    I really really love this

  3. Monique

    Beautiful couple!!!

  4. Teefah

    Wow..I love the fact the groom had tears in his eyes during the vow reading.
    And that they read their vows off of an ipad and iphone…so 2012!
    Love how unconventional they are
    Here’s wishing them a great life together

  5. @munaluchiBride

    RT @bellanaija: Love this! RT @munaluchiBride: Real Fusion Wedding in {Brooklyn}: Farrah + Abiola – and the Bride Wore BLACK!

  6. oluchy

    l love this wedding, the bride took a bridal risk which eventually paid WELL.l love this wedding, was uniquely different, can see that they had fun. HML.

  7. Janet

    Congrats to the couple, because marriage and committing to one another is a promise and vow under God, but the manner in which they went about it is not of GOD at all. The girl would not get married just because the ring wasn’t perfect, what is a ring in God’s eyes but material things, marriage is way BEYOND that and the fact she made the ring so life and death is absurd. I pray to God, their marriage is fruitful and not set on material things only.

    • Callie

      Yes, the ring is not going to be PERFECTLY what you want. Geez, just find the one that fits you. Simpler than a lot of women treat it as. There are TOO many choices for it to be the perfect selection & too many choices to be so anal or thinking too much. That comes from being a perfectionist, picky, spoiled or materialistic. A lot of women are too ‘diva’ about things and have meltdowns about stuff. I refuse to be like that. There are more important things in life. Beautiful wedding and though black is not always representative of evil (because it can also represent classiness and sophistication), I would rather go with traditional white or cream or off-whites. Maybe even pale blush or peach.

  8. CoCo

    I love how they did it their way, in their own time. A black gown, different… however AWESOME on her. Beautiful wedding, congrats to the happy couple, I’m only half Nigerian but I do know something about that spraying of the money. I look forward to that when I get married LOL!

  9. Style & Poise

    This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding and the bride and groom looks AMAZING!!!!


  10. @TimDuncanEvents

    What do you think of this bride in black? #realwedding #weddingdress

  11. Amber Knowles @ The Amber Studio

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! The black gown was even a surprise for me. But it was made for Farrah. Fit her absolutely perfectly! I absolutely love when couples make their wedding their own.

  12. @LuxeExperience

    Two proposals, two ceremonies, two cultures, and an INCREDIBLE #fusion #realwedding on @munaluchibride!

  13. @BridesofCulture

    This is lovely

  14. @btdinc

    Black on Black Beauty! #BeDifferent

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  16. Tina

    @Janet She was not being picky or stating that she wouldn’t get married without the right ring. I think you didn’t read the story in its context. If you read the first paragraph of the Proposal 2 you would understand that she didn’t want a ring because she’s not superficial. It was the groom that wanted her to wear a ring. Being the architect that she is, she decided to design her own right which wasn’t even a diamond. It was about unconventionality and not superfiaciality in my opinion.

  17. Jennifer

    This is an amazing wedding and couple. Love the black and they way they threw tradition out the window while maintaining class. Some people aren’t going to appreciate this because change can be difficult to swallow. Wish these two the best.

  18. sndreamevents

    Certainly was a beautiful unconventional wedding.
    Also wanted to add…
    Planner: S&N Dream Events and Consulting

  19. hilary

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! what a totally sweet couple that seems like they have achieved a great balance in life. and that black dress is stunning and memorable. congratulations and wishing the best for your marriage! <3


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