Real {Georgia} Wedding: Jocelyn + Booker

At the time of their meeting, Jocelyn and Booker were overseas. Little did they know, that they were about to encounter "a little bit of home" since Booker was a good friend of Jocelyn's sister. Soon, the two would feel at home in each other's hearts. Now, they can be sure that wherever they are together - home or abroad - they will never really leave home again. :) The couple's wedding was beautifully photographed by Janet Howard Studio.

Bride: Jocelyn Norman
Groom: Booker Rankin
Occupations: Both - Logistics Analysis
Wedding Date: 07.28.2012
Location: Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, Braselton, GA

The Meeting ..... "Booker and I met overseas through my sister Jessica Eccles in October 2005. He was good friend of my sister. Surprisingly, I forgot his name the day that we were introduced, but you could say that it was “love at first sight” because we've been inseparable ever since. Never would I have imagined that the “nameless” guy would some day be my husband." 

How He Proposed ..... "While we were taking a family vacation to Disney World in 2009, I was getting something out of the suitcase and had my back turned. When I turned around, he had a box open with an ring! As he handed me the ring, I asked, "What is this?"; it was the only thing I could think and say, with my heart pounding so fast. He paused and said, "A ring!" Oh, I was so absolutely happy! That was the happiest day of my life: the day my soon-to-be husband, who I love so much, surprised me."

Wedding Details ..... "When we started to plan our wedding, we knew that we wanted it to be traditional and modern all at the same time. The goal was to make it about my style, Southern Elegance. Through some creative planning and overall design, this was definitely achieved. We were both overseas in Bagram, Afghanistan, so it was very difficult trying to get things accomplished. To help, I hired a wedding consultant before I got home. Once I got home, we made many trips to GA for vendor meetings. Our wedding planner, Kesha Nettles of Watermark Weddings, was the most amazing resource throughout the process. She coordinated meetings, negotiated contracts, and made the process virtually stress-free. Another important thing to us was that the day be enjoyed by all who attend. We wanted our friends and family to enjoy themselves; that mission was accomplished."

Most Unforgettable Moments ..... "There were several memorable moments throughout the wedding; so, it’s hard to choose only one. The first was walking down the aisle and looking into Booker’s eyes. It was surreal and he was the only thing that I could focus on. I kept telling myself not to cry, but it was inevitable once I saw his beautiful smile. He, in turn, was amazed at how stunning I looked as he took his first glimpse of me walking down the aisle."

(You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "First and foremost, I love that she is a God-fearing woman. I love the way she supports me in whatever I do. I also love the fact that she accepts my two kids as her own. She's really patient with me because, sometimes, I can get in one of my moods. Lol. I also love the fact that she became a New Orleans Saints fan. Lol. Last, but not least, I love that she is beautiful person inside and out."

She loves ..... "I love that Booker is the most respectful man I've ever met. He loves his family, and treats me like a queen. There is nothing that I could want more than to have someone who is a gentleman, and is respected by his family, business associates and friends."


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  4. JoAnn Baugh

    Thank you all for sharing those lovely pictures with me. I wish you all the happiest years ahead. As I said before, I pray that your love with continue to grow as it was on the day you got married. I believe it will. Just looking at the pictures, and reading what you all said to one another I believe that your love will grow instead of diminishing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oluchy

    l love this couple, beautiful bride, love the cake,setting and all. Wish u guys HML.

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