Real {New York} Wedding with Egg Plant & White Color Scheme: Joanne + Archie

Joanne and Archie could not escape each other - thankfully! For them, out of sight was never out of mind. Now, their hearts and minds are inextricably linked together. This love story grew from puppy love to the deep and mature love of adults - through such major events as Archie's deployment as one of the heroic members of the U.S. Navy.  Their wedding was photographed by Alan Abrams of Alan Abrams Photography.

Bride: Joanne Audouin
Groom: Archie Griffin
Occupations: Bride - Clinical Researcher; Groom - Navy
Wedding Date: 05.15.2011
Location: Jericho Terrace, Mineola, NY

Meeting & Reconnecting ... "Archie and I must have been destined to be together because our paths have crossed several times over. I first met Archie in 1992 at elementary school when we both innocently competed against each other to be the graduation class speaker. Archie always says that is the first time I caught his eye. I would not catch his heart until Jr. High School when we dated in the eighth grade. Unfortunately, during that following year, Archie moved to Hawaii. We exchanged letters via mail and eventually lost contact with each other. Although this was a case of innocent “puppy love”, our connection would never fully break. We again attempted to contact one another after High School, but it was to no avail.

In 2005, Archie contacted me on It was refreshing to hear from a dear friend and to see that he was still the sweet person I knew many years ago.  We discussed our lives and were happy to hear that we were both doing well. We would later make several attempts to keep in touch as friends but it was not until 2007 when both of our current relationships went sour, our friendship blossomed into something more. We would talk on the phone for hours and it would feel like minutes. Finally, after our relationships ended later that year, the stars aligned. At the time Archie was in the Navy and his first duty station was in Virginia. This was the closest we’ve been to each other since Junior High school and Archie took full advantage of this. He drove nearly every weekend he had from Virginia to New York to see me for two years! Needless to say, we began dating and the rest is history!"

A Sweet Proposal ... "My proposal was simple, sweet, thoughtful and very Archie!  The weekend of March 7, 2009 was particularly fun. My family came up from New York to visit me in Maryland (I would later find out that Archie secretly invited my family over for the weekend).  We shared laughs, food, and each other’s company.  Out of the blue, Archie asked if he could ask me something in private.  I followed him to my bedroom where he got down on one knee and popped the big question.  As soon as I opened my bedroom door, everyone screamed "Congratulations" and we celebrated the night away!"

The Details ... "We decided that our wedding would be an elegant day wedding. We held our event at Jericho Terrace in Mineola, NY.  This venue truly had our style and vision to the very last detail. They provided the feel and elegance of the Italian Tuscany and we brought the spirit of the Caribbean! What particularly caught our attention with this venue was that both inside and out was picturesque! We incorporated the colors, eggplant and white, throughout our entire wedding and it worked beautifully into our ceremony and reception rooms."

Cultural Elements ... "Our families and friends come from very mixed backgrounds, so we did our best to incorporate this into two key elements of our wedding: food and music.  Our ceremony consisted of classical music throughout and our reception had a little bit of everything from Salsa, Calypso, Meringue and 80’s tunes; particularly Haitian music known as Kompa.  Our menu selection included dishes such as Lumpia Shanghai (Spring Rolls) and Riz Djon-Djon (Rice and Haitian Mushrooms) that incorporated our Filipino and Haitian cultures."

Unforgettable Moments ... "We felt as if we were in a dream and did not want to wake up. It was truly a special day for us. Everything we hoped and prayed for came true that day.

There were so many memorable moments for me, but two stood out the most. The first was the look in Archie’s eyes when I first walked into our ceremony room. Our eyes immediately connected and it was if no one else was in that room. Archie got choked up and his emotions were overwhelming. The second memorable moment would be the father/daughter dance. My father chose Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father” as our song. We were both so emotional during that dance. There was not a dry eye in the room!

Archie’s memorable moment was when the pastor gave him permission to kiss the bride, but he truly enjoyed seeing both families enjoying themselves at the wedding."


{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "He says that my understanding nature is what gets him all the time. He can come home after a good or bad day and I’ll know how to make it better."

She loves ..... "I love his dedication to me and our now growing family. He does not take me for granted and works to show me this in his own special way every day."


Enjoy the wedding video by videographer Lisa SouClick here to view the entire gallery.

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