Real {Virginia} Wedding: Keasha + Steven

Keasha Chappell and Steven Hall met at a friend's housewarming party, but soon found themselves warming each other's hearts. :) Steven decided to seal their "forever" by proposing to Keasha on her 30th birthday. With sweet birthday treats like spa treatments, a great meal and shopping, Keasha never guessed that Steven planned to propose to her that day.

Describing the proposal, Keasha recounts, "He expressed his desire to be with me forever and share all of our birthdays forever together. He said he loved me with all his heart and soul and asked me to be his wife. He got one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes and was overcome with emotion. The people on the pier were clapping and cheering. But for that moment in time, Steve and I were the only people in the world. I couldn’t believe what just happened! We were engaged!!!

Their sweet proposal led to an even sweeter wedding photographed by David Abel PhotographyTheir wedding, with a romantic 1920's theme, had many personal elements.

On Choosing the Ceremony & Reception Venues ..... "When Steve and I were discussing our future as a couple I mentioned to Steve, prior to us getting engaged, that I always wanted to get married at Sacred Heart. Ironically, Steve’s mother attended a Catholic School with the same name in Pennsylvania. We knew at that moment that we had to host our future wedding there. [As for the reception,] I love historic architecture and preservation and Steve has a background in Urban Planning. The John Marshall was under construction at the time of our visit but we were so impressed with the space and the finishes, we took a chance by moving forward at that time. Needless to say, the renovation of the hotel turned out amazing. The entry is so opulent and the ballrooms turned out beautiful."

On Infusing Southern Roots in Food & Drinks ..... "My family [the bride's family] is from Louisville, Kentucky and the Derby is a big deal to us; so, it was a no-brainer that, when we were asked what the signature drink would be, we immediately said mint julep! Our guests dined on Surf and Turf with scallops served with a cream sauce in a delicate half shell. I must credit Suzanne from Homemades By Suzanne on the exquisite presentation and the delicious food!"

The Most Unforgettable Memories ..... "I will always remember walking down the aisle with my Father and then locking eyes with Steve for the first time as my Dad shook his hand and passed me to him."




{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "Keasha is very caring, thoughtful and beautiful both inside and out. Her dedication to our relationship has been unwavering and means so much to me. She can effectively communicate and share her honest opinion about anything. I value her intelligence, independence, ambition and drive to succeed in life. We share many of the same beliefs and morals, but respect each other's differences. Keasha is my one and only princess and will be forever!"

She loves ...... "Steve is one of the most thoughtful people you will ever meet. He always puts me first and thinks of ways to put a smile on my face. Steve is kind, intelligent, witty and handsome. He is so delicate with me and so manly outside of the home, it is the perfect balance. Steve is an extrovert and loves to interact with people - just like me! We enjoy each other's company and do almost everything together. He is truly my best friend."



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    Many thanks for the feature- it was a pleasure working with David Abel Photography on this lovely wedding!

  2. clair estelle

    Lovely. I really like the beige background toning throughout this wedding series

  3. Steph - LoveintheD

    Everything about this is beautiful! The pearls/beads on the cake look awesome. And after reading that they had scallops, I am now craving scallops….

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