Regal African Minimal-Chic Styled Shoot

Featured in the Winter 2019 issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine!
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Inspired by the regality of African art and culture, and social media icons, Eritrean twins - Hermon and Heroda, of Being Her; a lifestyle concept blog focusing on topics such as travel, fashion, beauty and diversity - this regal African, minimal-chic styled shoot, featured in the Winter 2019 issue of MunaLuchi Bride magazine, beautifully brings together a delicate color palette, elegant fashion, and African style accents, set within a select London suburb. Read all about the design details below.

I am truly inspired by the gorgeous Eritrean twins Hermon and Heroda of Being Her, and am always hooked by richly African Art and African people who celebrate in a regal way. When we decided to put together a styled shoot we found ourselves moving toward a white and gold elegant and regal wedding concept. Set in one of London’s wealthiest suburbs - Bank, this place has a lot of characteristics that paired perfectly with the overall aesthetic.

We featured the gowns of two bridal designers, Lena Medoyeff Bridal and Rebecca Schoneveld, both elegant and paired perfectly with a Blue Sky Flowers bouquet. A colour palette consisting of tones of lush white, a touch of gold, and paired with greenery linked between the affinity of African brides and gorgeous African gold earrings and necklaces, created an inviting scene meant to be matched to the feelings of relishing an early evening soiree with close friends and enjoying the beauty of our surroundings.

~ Ashton Jean-Pierre

Photography: Ashton Jean-Pierre
Models: Being Her
Bridal gown & linen head wrap: Lena Medoyeff Bridal, from Heart Aflutter
Bridal gown & vintage glasses: Rebecca Schoneveld Bridal,  from Heart Aflutter
Bouquet: Blue Sky Flowers
Gold jewellery: Being Her
Make up artist: Being Her

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