ReMarried! Summer Wedding at Tashua Knolls Golf & Banquet in Connecticut: Terri + Will

  1. Abbey

    What a beautiful way to kick off a Sunday – showcasing the glory of God’s work. Thank you for featuring their story!!!

  2. Terry Sessions

    I do not know you guys but I just read your story. Oh how wonderful GOD is. Thank you guys for relying on GOD to be the CENTER of your LIVES. I love you and I wish the best for the two of you. You guys are truly what GOD intended for man and woman to be about and that is true commitment to GOD and to SELF and EACH OTHER. Happy Marriage!!!!

    • Terri Bryant

      Hi Terry, Thank you for your kind words, love and support. We are a living testimony of what God can do and it’s our mission to share and spread the Good News. No matter the circumstance HE has the last say. So keep the Faith and keep pressing. Truly…what was meant for our harm, God turned for good! Amen? God Bless you!

      p.s. A great name you have there too :)

  3. Himiko Sadiki

    You have no idea how much this story inspires me. My husband and i have divorced, i believe in my heart it isnt over. It may be today, but i dont believe it to be forever. I pray this will be our outcome too God willing. Thank you

  4. Neha singh

    I need someone in my life I like Ghana is there anyone tie a knot with me

  5. Deanna

    It’s truly a beautiful and inspiring story in every way. The ability to overcome life’s challenges together and the ability to forgive, to come back together, to rekindle your love and to see things from a new fresh perspective. What a wonderful sentiment and sound advice for all relationships. Love is just the beginning, true connections are about patience, understanding, acceptance, compromise, sacrifice and most importantly, respecting each other’s values and celebrating each other in every way, accomplishments, flaws, differences, it’s all part of who we are.

    All the best on your life’s journey and keep smiling :)

    with kindness,


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