Romantic Ghanaian Engagement in New Orleans

Tracy and Nana first crossed paths at a campus bar while both were attending college. An unsuccessful attempt by one of Nana's friends to get Tracy to dance with him, didn't end in a dance, but it did leave an impression of each other. A few weeks later during another evening out, Tracy noticed Nana from across the bar and, stepping away from the guy she was seeing at the time, approached Nana for an engaging conversation that left them exchanging numbers that night. It wasn't long before a first date was scheduled where Tracy fondly recalls how they "talked for what felt like distinctly felt as if we'd met before and were getting reacquainted after a long time apart..."

Read all about Tracy & Nana's love story, proposal, and wedding plans, in their romantic New Orleans engagement session - with planning by MunaLuchi Coterie member Statuesque Events.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Tracy & Nana
Occupations: Attorney & Systems Analyst
Wedding date: 4.7.19
Wedding location: Monroe, CT
Location of Engagement shoot: New Orleans, Louisiana

Tell us how you met. The first time Tracy and Nana met was at a bar on their old college campus. Tracy was arguing with one of Nana’s friends because she didn’t want to dance with him, despite his incessant urging. Nana came to the rescue, assuring Tracy that the guy was a clown, and encouraged her to enjoy her night. A few weeks later, Tracy spotted Nana at yet another bar. In her attempt to make a guy she was seeing jealous, Tracy boldly walked up to Nana and engaged him in conversation. She noted how strange it was that they were both Ghanaian and both loved to party, but never knew each other. The pair exchanged numbers that night. Tracy clearly had an ulterior motive, but little did she know that this was all a part of God's plan and that she was speaking to her future husband...

Tell us about the proposal. I woke up the morning of the proposal feeling great. I might have forgotten to brush my teeth because I was so nervous, and it seemed like my phone wouldn't stop buzzing. But before the madness began, I sat on my bed and looked at our old pictures and started reminiscing about how far we've come and everything we'd gone through. I knew it was meant to be. It was a long journey, but a well fought battle. I felt like I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do, and I was perfectly aligned with His will. I waited for Tracy to drive to my house because I told her I was taking her to a work event. She sat down and I got nervous because the ring box was in my pocket pants and I was convinced she saw it. Tracy noticed my new clothes and asked when I went shopping, which made me laugh. As we drove, I made up an excuse as as to why we had to stop at our church before we got to our location. We pulled up and I ran inside to get the flowers I had waiting for her. When I came back out and opened her car door, I saw the ugly crying face start to form! She was so shocked as I handed her two dozen red roses. As we entered the church, we heard our favorite gospel songs playing by our pastor's kids on the praise and worship team. I tried to get on one knee which was a struggle because of my tight pants and torn ACL, and mumbled a lot of words I still can't remember. Through her tears, I think I heard Tracy say yes. I put the ring on her finger and boom, we were engaged! After we took photos with our church family, we drove to Tracy's sister's house where I had her family and best friends waiting for her. It was an amazing day, and watching Tracy stare at her ring in disbelief was priceless.

Describe your engagement session. We did not choose a theme for our engagement session quite frankly because we booked it only a few days in advance! Nana and I were going to be in New Orleans for a friend's wedding, and we simultaneously came to the conclusion that we should make the most of the opportunity to be in such a beautiful city. We scoured Instagram and messaged a few photographers. By what felt like divine providence, only one responded, the infamous Cameron Johnson. He immediately took to our ideas despite the late notice, and provided us with three different locations we could use to make our vision come to life. We confirmed the shoot and two days later were on the plane to New Orleans. It felt like a covert ops mission! We had no time to tell anyone about it or do much preparation. I curled my hair and beat my face in the airport bathroom during the layover--that's how spontaneous it was! Within an hour from getting off the plane, we were behind the camera. What was truly remarkable about our shoot is that we did it in faith. As you can see from the photos, my purity ring--not an engagement ring--is on my ring finger, as Nana and I weren't even engaged yet. Knowing that God had already told us about the promise of our marriage, we had to move quickly and boldly. The shoot was a whirlwind of laughs and lots of love. While we didn't have the time to get every last detail right, much like our personal faith walks, it was perfect because it was on God's time.

What did you do on your first date? After we'd exchanged numbers a few nights prior, Nana realized that I never texted him. His curiosity piqued and he was determined to figure out who this girl was that had the audacity not to jump into his DM's like he was used to. He reached out to me and arranged for us to meet at a sandwich shop on campus. Nana and I talked for what felt like hours. We talked about our upbringing, our families, our goals, and so much more. Our conversation was strangely open and honest for two people who didn't know each other. Nana says he knew he wanted to marry me then and there, although marriage had never crossed his mind before. It distinctly felt as if we'd met before and were getting reacquainted after a long time apart, although of course, that was not the case. We left one another that day knowing that our lives had been changed forever. Even though neither of us knew God, we knew for sure that no man could have orchestrated that day.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love to watch our favorite show, House Hunters on HGTV. We have big dreams about living in our dream home and raising a family, and our favorite past-time keeps us inspired. It also gives Nana numerous opportunities to tell me why he needs a man cave. And a dog.

How has wedding planning been so far? As we are both in transitional seasons of our lives, wedding planning hasn't always been as fun as we'd hoped. Nana and I have both started new jobs while balancing family, friends, a new business, and ministry. That said, we know that we are planning not just for a wedding, but for a successful and happy marriage. When planning seems to bring out the worst in us, we make it a learning opportunity to strive to be the best for one another. Truth be told, we wouldn't want to do this with any one else, even on our worst day. If compromise means listening to Nana argue why we should include a flat screen tv on our registry...I'd say we're doing just fine. Also, we'd be nowhere without our planner Feyisola at Statuesque Events who has has held it DOWN for us since day one!

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day.
Nana: "I'm excited to see how the thousands of dollars we're spending on flowers will turn out. Also, finally being able to look at Tracy, the girl I've wanted to marry since I first met her, and being able to call her my wife...and the sex."
Tracy: "I'm literally excited for everything! I can't wait to read Nana my vows, to watch our family watch us celebrate the biggest day of our lives, to see the decor, to watch as the Holy Spirit moves all over the room, to dance with my closest friends, and to become Mrs. Opoku! Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the wedding night. At the very beginning of our relationship, Nana and I chose to do this thing God's way and abstain. This wait has been long, honey, so I know it will be worth it!"

Planner: Statuesque Events
Photography: Cameron Johnson Photography

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