Romantic Late 19th Century Inspiration Styled Shoot

“The blushing bride ran swiftly and gracefully from her luxurious southern styled mansion.
It was late 1800s and she wanted to escape from the chains of her restricted place of what she assumed was called home.
She ran freely without a care in the world.
She had forgotten her slippers but she did not mind.
She wanted to feel the warmth from the soil and tingles from the blades of grass between her feet,
Like a bohemian queen, one with the earth.
The lush trees and vines that delicately fell from the trees were from a forest that was nearby. She decided to follow and she was pleased.
She eagerly waited for her love at the exquisite dining that was laid out in the middle of the forest.
A chandelier hung from the branches as the flame from the candles bounced off the wine colored petals, from the array of flowers that were set on the table.
She waited eagerly,
For she knew that this was going to be a romantic event she would never forget…”

Enjoy this romantic inspiration shoot photographed by MintWood Photo!




Planner and Stylist: Poetic and Illumined Events
Photographer: Mintwood Photo Co.
Table Centerpiece: Roxanne Bellamy Events
Reception Venue: Barrington Hall
Event Rentals: Miss Milly's
Bride's Dress: I Do, Bridal

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