Romantic Outdoor Mississippi Engagement Session: Chauncey and Christopher

We sat and talked about life and things we were looking forward to. He then asked me to close my eyes and tell me some of our most memorable moments together. By the time I finished and opened my eyes, he was on his knee in front of me and proposed.

Stop and just take a moment to reflect back on the best moments of your relationship with your significant other. Most likely there were probably some moments that made you smile and go "Gosh, we had some great times together!". But besides all the great times, there were most likely some moments that revealed some moments of truth. Moments that made you go, "This is it. This is the one!". And that lightbulb moment were one of the many turning points that signaled to your heart that you were in love. You found the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with!

Relationships are about building a strong foundation before a marriage. The moments we share with our significant others during the courting stages will carry on into our engagements and most importantly our marriages.

In this romantic outdoor Mississippi engagement session, Chauncey and Christopher shared their love through these beautiful pictures!

Name of Bride/Bride-to-be: Chauncey Wilson
Name of Groom/Groom-to-be: Christopher Citchens
Location of Engagement Shoot: Jackson, MS ; Romantic Outdoor Setting
Wedding Date: 09/05/2015
Wedding Location: 
Ceremony: Jackson, MS; Cade Chapel M.B. Church
Reception: Mississippi Museum of Art

 Tell us about how you met and all about the proposal!

"Chris and I met at work. He opened the door for me one day as I entered the foyer and he said he felt something special in that moment. He was in Accounting and I was in Marketing at the time. We were friends for months, and one day he asked me out for after-work drinks. From that moment on we were inseparable."

"Wanting to keep our private life private, we kept it a virtual secret from coworkers for almost two years until we got engaged. Chris did a very intimate and private proposal. One Saturday he asked me to go sit out by the water at one of our favorite spots. We sat and talked about life and things we were looking forward to. He then asked me to close my eyes and tell me some of our most memorable moments together. By the time I finished and opened my eyes, he was on his knee in front of me and proposed. It was just us, the trees, the birds, and the water. Come to find out my parents were in on it and he had taken them out to dinner two nights before to ask for my hand in marriage. It was a moment I'll never forget, and I'm lucky it's a spot we can always go back to and remember that special day in our lives."

The Engagement Session

"Christopher and I are both from Mississippi so we wanted to have an engagement shoot that captured a Southern Romance. We didn't want to do anything to uptight, so we opted to shoot pictures in an outdoor setting where we could have fun and display our personalities. My older brother has a massive backyard, so we actually shot it there (again an intimate spot we can always go back to)."

"One outfit was more dressy to reflect our sophisticated, business side. The other outfit was more charming and laid back and subtly incorporated our fraternity and sorority colors (Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Kappa Alpha). After getting rained out and having to cancel for three weeks in a row, we were both ecstatic once we were finally able to complete the shoot. Everything came out just as we wanted!"

What did you do on your first date?

"Our first date was dinner after work. It was really impromptu and not planned at all. We ate and then talked until the restaurant closed. After harmless flirting for a couple of months, it was that night that he finally told me he liked me. He even mentioned that he had already read the employee handbook and didn't see anything against it (I thought that was so cute). It was pretty clear after that night that this was real. We even refer to that night as our anniversary day because it was basically understood that we were together."

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?

"Our favorite things to do as a couple are definitely traveling (he'll jump on the road at the drop of a hat), brainteasers and mental challenges, attending sporting events, and listening to live music!"

How has wedding planning been so far?

"My wedding was on September 5th so my planning is officially over, but planning went really well. I'm a creative person so I didn't have an official wedding planner. I planned the wedding myself, but I did have a decorator to help my vision come to life. I also had a wedding coordinator to handle the logistics of the day. For the most part, everything worked out the way I envisioned it. There were little stressors here and there, especially with getting the major details completed early on. But thanks to me being a pretty organized person, at no time did I ever feel overwhelmed. And I definitely did not turn into a Bridezilla!"

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day.

"I was really looking forward to sharing our love with the people we love the most, our family and friends. We were committed to having a weekend that was all about love and fun. We also didn't want to overdo it or make it a show. Every moment was totally about the blessing of love us making the ultimate commitment to each other and God. We even opted to have a karaoke night as our rehearsal dinner so that our families could really interact with each other and have a good time. It was the perfect start to a perfect weekend!"

Chauncey and Christopher already tied the knot on September 5, 2015! We wish them all the best and a blessed marriage!


Photography: Followell Fotography
Makeup: Vanity by Dani T
Hair: Tweaked Styles

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