A Romantic Vintage E-Session in L.A.

Domonic and Vanessa share a timeless love story, which was captured during their engagement session. Friends since they were in high school the two reconnected after the bride graduated from college, they went on a group date and have been together ever since. As they celebrated their seventh year of being together, he planned a surprise proposal asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. For their engagement session, the couple wanted something that had a fun and romantic vintage feel to coincide with their 1930’s wedding theme. ColdPiece Photography did an amazing job transporting you back in time before the era of selfies and snapchat with the vintage color and look the photos had.

How They Met

We met in high school in the 9th grade. At the time, he had a girlfriend, and for some strange reason, she hated my guts. We were only just friends, and to be honest, as a shy 9th grader, I was a threat to no one's girlfriend. The next year, I moved away to a new city, and did not see Domonic again until I had graduated from college. We went out on a group date for our first time out, and have been together ever since.

The Proposal

Domonic proposed to me on our seventh anniversary, at a party that we had thrown for the occasion. Little did I know that he had plotted with my close friends and family, to surprise me with the engagement. I was so stunned that I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. It was a lovely day!

The Engagement Session

Our theme for this engagement shoot was a vintage look. Our wedding theme was set to be a 1930's theme (a la the movie "Idlewild"), so we wanted the engagement shoot to match that. Our photographer is a very good friend of ours, so it was a very easy and quick shoot. We had lots of fun and we were very happy with the outcome.

I was able to pull together our looks with things we already had, and accessories from Zoe's Vintique in Los Angeles. Janelle Black of FaceMeFierce in LA did my makeup as well.

Looking Forward to the Wedding

We're both looking forward to spending a beautiful day together with all of our family and friends.




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