Shira + Kevin: {Love Rocks} E-session

She's the owner of an Online Boutique, hence, she's no stranger to fashion.  Meet Shira Taylor, bride-to-be and true fashionista.  Her e-session with her dapper husband-to-be, Kevin Granderson, is edgy and romantic all at the same time.  We love her style, and the fabulous looks she incorporated.  The theme of the e-session is "Love Rocks"...and so does that black dress!   Meet the couple.
Bride-to-be: Shira Taylor
Groom-to-be: Kevin Granderson
Occupations: Shira owns an Online Boutique /Kevin is a Math Teacher & Homeless Minister
Date and location of wedding: December 31,2011/Houston,TX
{The First Encounter}
"Kevin and I meet through our college roommates who were dating at the time. His roommate was very adamant about us meeting so my friend decided to invite me to a wine and cheese where Kevin would be in attendance. Once we met we instantly had a connection. From common interests to sharing the same birthday, we were destined for one another. Happy to say that God knew exactly what he was doing when he paired the two of us!"
{The Proposal}
"We had been dating for six years and I must admit that I was getting rather restless. Lol! On January 3, 2010 Kevin promised me that by Jauary 2011 I would be planning my dream wedding, even if he had to give me an IOU for the ring. So, as the year progressed, I would probe and ask him certain questions to see how far along he had gotten with engagement plans, but it seemed as if he hadn't accomplished very much or anything at all for that matter . On Decemner 31, 2010, Kevin came home late after a so called "after hours business meeting" and told me he wanted to talk about the promise he made to me earlier in the year. He was very apologetic and remorseful because he felt as if he had let me down! He started a huge argument! I was extremely disappointed, but only to find out later on at New Year's Eve Watchnight service in front of the entire church congregation, that my Babe had kept his promise! He kneeled on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage!"
{Wedding Planning Woes}
"The most challenging aspect of wedding planning for me has been staying within budget and remembering that this is only for one day!!! I have to keep reminding myself that we have to LIVE after the wedding bells!"
{Great Photography Makes All the Difference}
"We actually had it narrowed down to two of the greatest photographers in the Houston area. One day I decided to write a list of the pros and cons of each photographer, and after reviewing their work, it finally hit me that Angela was just a natural! She was a well rounded photographer, and I knew that we would be able to collaborate and bring my vision to life. And that's exactly what she did!"
{Looking Forward To}
"I'm just excited to be marrying my bestfriend after seven long years! I look forward to sharing and celebrating our love with our entire family."-Shira
{Loving You Is Easy}
"Kevin exemplifies the true definition of a Godly man and that's what I love most about him. Not only do I feel safe in his arms, I also feel secure in knowing that I can trust him with my life! Good men are like good parking spaces; there aren't very many and they are hard to find! So when I met Babe, I knew he had to be heaven sent!" -Shira
"Of the many attributes Beautiful possesses, the one characteristic I admire and love the most is her ability to love me whole heartedly. The ability to emotionally express a higher level of love that goes far beyond a verbal "I love you," comes naturally to her. She's a romantic. She does not have to put much effort into loving me, she just knows subconsciously that she does and there is nothing else. No walls to tear emotional mishaps that arise from past relationships. Just the love she has for me no matter her experiences. I've never experienced a love of this nature so strongly in that her ability to love me sometimes goes beyond my understanding. Not saying I don't know why she would love me so much; just often times amazed at how loving she can be. When I reflect on our past and consider the good and bad times, it is evident that her ability to love is founded on something greater than herself; the love of Jesus Christ. She naturally models His love. Who could not love a person with a heart like Beautiful's? Therefore, the thing I love most about Gorgeous is simply that...she knows how to love me." -Kevin
Congratulations Shira and Kevin.  Your love is true and contagious.  Wishing you a blessed wedding and a married life full of happiness.  Stay blessed!
Makeup: Kimberly Clark
Dress: BCBG Max Azria
  1. Shereah Taylor

    Simply beautiful! I am so proud of the two of you and can’t wait to share in your beautiful day!

  2. renee ellis

    I love it!

  3. Latrecia

    Truly Beautiful! I love it!


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