Sisi and Kofi’s Majestic Multicultural Wedding at the Historic Crystal Plaza

Sisi and Kofi's love story began on the campus of Rutgers University's Engineering school, where friendship blossomed into love, setting an unshakeable foundation for the relationship they have today. Sisi knew Kofi was the one "after a few years of being in a relationship and just taking some time to think about where the relationship could go. We shared so many good times and developed a friendship that grew stronger year after year...."

Read all about Sisi & Kofi's love story, proposal and experiences in their majestic multicultural wedding at the historic Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey - featuring the Cinematography of MunaLuchi Coterie member Yamean Studios Films, and Bridal Fashion by MunaLuchi Coterie member Jean Ralph Thurin.

Bride & Groom: Sisi & Kofi
Occupations: Makeup Artist & Management Consultant
Wedding date: 12/03/2017
Wedding location: Crystal Plaza | Livingston, NJ

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. We met in Rutgers Engineering school and he proposed to me at Delta's Restaurant in New Brunswick after reciting a poem called "A Love Story" with the restaurant house band surrounded by our close friends and family. This restaurant is significant to us because it was the same restaurant he took me on a date to formally ask me to be his girlfriend.

How did you know they were "the one?" I knew he was the one after a few years of being in a relationship and just taking some time to think about where the relationship could go. We shared so many good times and developed a friendship that grew stronger year after year. But I chose to also focus less on all the good times and consider how we always managed to work through our problems. That may sound weird to think about the negative to determine if someone is "the one," but I truly understand that marriage is not a bed of roses everyday and I needed to be confident that God would be at the center of our marriage and that we could work through anything - no matter what. Thinking about our relationship from this perspective allowed me to have faith that it would truly be a commitment that would last forever and not be broken by anything. Kofi is truly my partner in life no matter what.

What was wedding shopping like for you? I got married in a custom Jean Ralph Thurin long sleeve beaded wedding gown. It was such a great experience picking my dress as well as creating my dress with Ralph. He was so understanding, creative and a joy to work with over the year it took to bring it to life. I only went to his bridal boutique and I only tried on 6 dresses and the 6th dress was the one. I altered the style of the dress I tried on to be more fitted at the bottom, a sweetheart bodice underneath the beading and an open low scooped back. I co-designed this dress with Ralph because it truly embodied me as a woman and a person: it was conservative, intricate, timeless with elements of sexy that hugged my curves and sparkled beautifully with my every turn.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? Absolutely! We had our traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony the day prior and both of us wore all traditional Yoruba attire. Similarly, during the reception of our wedding day, we both changed in to a unique Ghanian Kente attire. My flower girls did not wear white dresses, instead they wore custom Kente dresses and my ring bearer wore traditional Yoruba attire. The music was a fusion of both old/new Yoruba music, the latest Ghanian music, as well as the traditional Ewe "Borborbor" music, and of course the latest "Trap" music.

Quick facts: I did my own makeup for my traditional Nigerian ceremony but not on my actual wedding. I truly wanted to feel like a bride on my wedding day and be catered to.
Wedding party gifts: Mini bottles of Moet, earrings, lipstick, lip gloss, robes and a thank you letter.
Favorite item on the menu: I didn't get to eat dinner but I loved our appetizer crab cakes, our cake tasted amazing and I was THRILLED that the venue packed away 11 trays of different food from the cocktail hour that we ate the next day. SO GOOD!
First dance song: "So High" by John Legend

What is your best memory from your wedding? I had a lot of "best" memories if that's possible but if I could narrow it down to two, I'd have to say it would be hearing my husband recite his vows to me and me dancing with my father.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? If you have the time - don't get started with the planning right away. Enjoy just being engaged for a few months so you can remain on the high and cloud nine of the proposal. The planning gets overwhelming very quickly and makes conversations with your fiance so serious since you're talking serious finances and sensitivities around who is going to be invited. Just enjoy being engaged for a little bit, enjoy telling your proposal story over and over...and over again, and reflect on a positive energy in your relationship before the serious planning kicks in. ALSO, destination weddings are NOT necessarily cheaper than keeping them in state because often times, you need to fly out specific vendors that you want and pay for their flights, transportation and resort accommodations in addition to the rate they are charging for your wedding package. Lastly, choose your vendors wisely because they will make or break your wedding experience and the months leading up to your wedding date. Understand that you are paying not only for their work but their service and professionalism to give you peace of mind which you will realize down the road is extremely important to you. You both deserve that much.

Wedding dress designer – Jean Ralph Thurin
Bridesmaids dresses – Elizabeth Johns
Grooms Stylist: Chuchu Nwigwe
Hair – Wura Kolawole
Makeup – Nicky Posley
Shoes – Betsey Johnson
Ceremony/Reception Location – Crystal Plaza
Photography – Oye Diran of Arista Imagery
Videography – Yamean Studios
Day of coordinator – Amaryllis Urena
Florist – Floral Sentiments
Cake – Crystal Plaza
Yoruba Native Attire – Bimmms Aso Oke

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