Snowy Anniversary Shoot in Springfield, Missouri: Shivani + Jatin

After dating for seven years, Jatin proposed to Shivani on a reality TV bridal show. Talk about a surreal moment! Jatin, a Physician and Shivani, a Fashion Blogger and Model took to a private residence in Missouri last winter to celebrate their one year anniversary. Shivani, yearning to incorporate the traditional Christian wedding look - after their traditional Hindu wedding at Vista Hotel in New Delhi, India - decided on an outdoor snowy anniversary shoot. Just in time for their second year anniversary on March 8th, MunaLuchi Bride is thrilled to present Shivani and Jatin's winter love anniversary session.

How did you meet?  

We met at a cousin's wedding. It was truly love at first sight. Things kicked on from thereon and our friendship blossomed through Facebook. Our first date was a romantic movie, Music and Lyrics, in 2007. We dated for seven years before getting married.

Tell us all about the proposal!  

It was on a reality TV bridal show in India called Band Baajaa Bride on NDTV GoodTimes. It was really romantic and he got on his knees during the shooting of the show in front of an audience and proposed. It was a very emotional and moving moment for everyone. Unforgettable!  

How did you know he was the one?  

We dated for 7 years prior to our marriage and it was predominantly a long distance relationship which really strengthened our bond and trust. He knows how to respect and treat a woman well and always made me feel special. I knew he was the one because he has always been there for me and supported me through the good and bad times.

On celebrating with an anniversary shoot: Tell us why you wanted to do this shoot. Where was the shoot? How did you decide on your location and photographer/vendors?  

It was always my dream to have a Christian wedding in addition to our traditional Hindu wedding hence the idea propped up in my mind to do a wedding gown shoot instead. We shot in Springfield, MO in the downtown area with their old rustic buildings. We got to know about Amanda through my husband's hospital where she also worked and I loved her prior work and dedication.

When it comes to career, how do you make time for each other?

It's always difficult to balance work and family but having been in a long distance relationship for so long enabled us to develop a great understanding. We always prioritize each other whenever we have some time off and try to spend as much time together as we can.  


Photography: Amanda Hyde, Sugar Snap Images

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