A Soft & Romantic Houston Engagement Session: Melanie + Jeremiah

For Melanie & Jeremiah you can say their mutual friend played cupid in their relationship. One day Melanie received a call from her friend who told her someone wanted to meet her. She had no idea who this person was or even why they wanted to meet her but she agreed to meet them, so her friend arranged for them to meet at the movies to see Rush Hour 3. At the time Melanie wasn't interested in having a relationship with anyone but was open to making new friends. Melanie describes her feelings from the initial encounter, "I mean, this guy they wanted me to meet seemed like a pretty cool dude but I wasn't really thinking that anything would come out of it. Later on that night, my friend called me and asked would it be ok if she gave him my phone number, I was like yeah that's cool. I gave him a hard time in the beginning but over time he grew on me."

Coterie member Kariss of Pharris Photography describes the inspiration behind the shoot's concept, "Melanie and Jeremiah knew that they wanted something a little different for their engagement photos. They didn't want the typical outdoor portrait session. So, as photographers we scoured Houston,TX to find the perfect location for them. This warehouse turned out to be exactly what they were looking for. Melanie and Jeremiah came equipped with outfit changes, laughs, and top notch personalities. We had a blast during their engagement session and are happy to share their E-Session with Munaluchi Bridal."

Bride-to-be:  Melanie Drake
Groom-to-be:  Jeremiah Jones
Engagement shoot locations: Houston, TX
Wedding date:  08/09/2015
Wedding location: Doubletree Hotel - Downtown Houston

Tell us how he proposed.
Jeremiah proposed to me at his college graduation. The commencement had ended and we were all congregated out in front of the building waiting to greet the graduate. As we all waited and he finally came out, he greeted everyone and we were just hanging out waiting to walk to the car and go to eat. I was talking to someone and as I turned around, I saw his parents with a huge sign that to my surprise read "Melanie, Will You Marry Me?" My response was to run because I was in shock and a bit embarrassed, so I ran behind some friends all while yelling "I don't want to be the center of attention". Eventually as everyone as waiting for me to step up, I saw Jeremiah on bended knee with a ring box in his hand and as I approached him he asked me to marry him and I responded with a Yes! shaking hands and all :)

What did you do on your first date?
On our first date we went to see the movie "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. We had been talking through Facebook mostly since our initial meeting and he was coming home for the winter break, since he went to school in Oklahoma, so we decided we would meet up again and do something on our own instead of in a group. We went and saw the movie and afterwards he gave me a Christmas gift, which I wasn't expecting, but of course I accepted it! It was a teddy bear with a gift card attached and I thought it was super sweet but what I didn't realize is that there was a piece of the gift I was missing. I got home, looked at the gift again and noticed a note with it. I read the note and it said "Will you be my gurlfriend?" I said "YES" and the story began...

How has wedding planning been so far?
Wedding planning has been stress-free so far!! I've been trying to pace myself so that I won't get overwhelmed, but time is coming to really start getting things in place. However, my main goal in planning this wedding is that it be a day that memories are made, I want the focus to be about two people joining lives together, forever! Embarking on this journey, and starting a new chapter in life is stressful enough so we're going to enjoy this engagement period, but my plan is to keep planning ahead instead of procrastinating.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day.
I'm looking forward to celebrating this special day in our lives with our close family and friends. I also look forward to being able to make a vow in front of God, our family and friends that no matter how rough things may get or how good things are that we are committed to having one another's back till death do us part.

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