Soritza + Robert: {Engaged}

It's not everyday that you meet a man who goes for what he wants without pause or hesitation. He may not always get what he wants, but he at least tries to pursue it. In Robert's case, he asked for what he wanted, but didn't get exactly that - at first. Eventually, he would get just that: Soritza as the love of his life and his bride-to-be.

Soritza's and Robert's engagement session, captured by the brilliant Milanes Photography, took place where it all began for them: Clark Atlanta University. Enjoy this romantic walk down memory lane.

The Bride: Soritza DuBose
The Groom:
Robert Robinson
Bride - Dentist; Groom - Registered Nurse
The E-Session:
The Location:
Clark Atlanta University; Renaissance Hotel, Atlanta, GA

The Meeting .... "I met Robert at Clark Atlanta University. We were both Biology majors. We never really talked to each other, until this one day. We were walking in the hallway and as we passed he spoke to me and asked if I had a man. I thought, "how CUTE is he!" I responded with, "I do and he is about to be fired!" LOL.... It was not until our junior year that our friendship really developed. I was so shocked that we had so much in common!! We shared the same passion for education. We kept each other on track with application deadlines for graduate schools. We shared our hopes and dreams. Our conversations were serious but we also shared some silly moments as well! There was never a dull moment when we talked! As our friendship grew, so did our flirting, but it was only after graduation that we took our friendship to the next level! I like to think that we walked away with more than an education! Thank You CAU :)"

The Proposal .... "Robert is such a renaissance man and romantic; I was so surprised by the proposal but not at all surprised at the effort and time it took him to pull it all off....

He told me on a Monday that we would be going to a jazz concert at the end of the week. He tells me like the next day that the concert was cancelled because there were not enough tickets sold. Well, a few days had passed and he tells me that the concert is back but it will be on Thursday. A Thursday?! I knew this meant I would have to leave work early and come home to get ready for the concert. A lot for a girl to do in a few hours! But it turned out to be the BEST WEEKDAY OF MY LIFE!!!

As we pull up to the Four Seasons Hotel, I was totally clueless....We walk into the hotel and he gives the concierge his name and she tells him, "We have been waiting on you, Mr. Robinson." She walks us to the hotel elevator and leads us to the presidential suite where the jazz concert is taking place. As she leads us into the room, it is covered with candles and flowers!!! My first thought is, "This is not the right room and she left us here, clearly in the wrong room!" I remember gazing out of the window and he tells me, "I have been waiting all my life to do this, will you marry me"?! I was completely floored and just laughed....he had to ask me twice! After I said YES, we were greeted by the concierge flashing her camera of us as a newly engaged couple!!

We left the suite, going to the hotel restaurant, for what I thought would be a nice romantic dinner. We were greeted with congratulations by the maitre d'. He walked us towards the dining room. As we passed all the tables he walked us through two large double doors towards the kitchen. As we entered the kitchen, the walls were lined with hotel staff clapping and wishing us well on our engagement. We continued into the kitchen and before us was a huge industrial table filled with an enormous organic centerpiece and pictures of Robert and I throughout our relationship. The pictures were of our travels together, my graduation and our families all nestled on the table!! I completely lost it. Tears, tears and more tears!!! I was so shocked I went numb!

As we were seated at the table, the hotel chef introduced himself and walked us through a 7 course meal paired with 7 wines, prepared especially for us! Yes, we were sitting in the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel kitchen, watching our meal being prepared. What a spectacular evening!!"

The Theme .... "It was very important to us to incorportate Clark Atlanta University for portions of our engagement sessions. It's where it all began! So, taking it back to the place where we became US was very special. We had not been on campus together since our graduation over 10 years ago. We were able to walk the same paths as we did as students. But what I loved most was our platform! This platform was at the entrance of McPheeters Dennis, the building where most biology majors had classes. This platform was where we met almost everyday to talk! What wonderful memories we shared at CAU and our engagement session just brought back those great memories. It was almost like the photographer was not there and it was just the moment!"

{You Make Loving You So Easy}
He loves .... "It's hard to just say one thing, becasue there are so many to talk about. However, since I am forced to pick one, I would say her selfless love is what I love most about Soritza. Her love is unconditional and motivating; she gives her love without any expectation or solicitation of return. Her love makes me feel like a warrior, that has never suffered a defeat. Her love for me makes me want to be more compassionate to others. Her love makes me reevaluate myself, her love makes me better in all aspects of my life."

She loves .... "The one thing I love most about Robert would be his heart. He is always thinking of others, often times before he thinks of himself! Robert came into my life at a time that I did not believe true love was actually possible for me. I've never experienced a love like Robert's love. I know that he loves me, not because he tells me but becasue he shows me every single day! You know, they say you can tell how a man will treat you based on how he treats his mother. Well, the way he takes care for his mother is inspiring and amazing to witness. Robert has truly been a blessing in my life. My biggest fan, my constant shoulder to lean on and my one true love!"

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    Love these two!

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  3. Keysha Moon

    So very SWEET! I hope to find a true love like this one day


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