South African DIY Wedding: Davene + Neal


Photos By: niki m photography

Bride: Davene Prinsloo - Photographer
Groom: Neal Prinsloo - High School Art Teacher
Wedding date: 12.11.11
Location:  Evergreen, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"If rain on your wedding day is a blessing, then hail must really be a gift from God."  Those were the words Neal told his photographer, Niki, on his wedding day.  And that's because it didn't just rain.  It hailed.  Huge, monstrous, dangerous hail...

In today's South African wedding feature, you'll see what a true DIY wedding looks like.  Davene and Neal, along with their family, did everything themselves.  The table runners were hand-stitched. Davene did her own makeup, hair and made her own wedding dress.  The cake was a gift from a family member.  And the list goes on.  Every single detail was personalized.  And we adore Davene and Neal because despite the hail storm and rain, they smiled throughout their entire wedding.  You can truly feel the love between these two in these images from Niki M Photography.   See for yourself!


Photos By: niki m photography

Wedding Story
written by Chioma Obii-Obiohaoriginally featured in the FW13 issue

You know you’ve had the wedding of your dreams when you can describe it as a “God wink” - a day filled with little moments of acknowledgment from the divine. From a “hail of blessings” to the emergence of a rainbow after the rain, Davene and Neal Prinsloo are positive that their wedding day was God-ordained - and why shouldn’t they? Their love has stood the test of both time and distance.

This stunning South African wedding in Evergreen from the self-described “control freak and perfectionist” bride was almost entirely DIY! Davene made every element of the decor, her wedding dress, and did her own hair and makeup. The couple describe their wedding day best as a celebration of love, freedom, and new beginnings.

Incorporating culture…

"Yes, we jumped the broom. It's kinda funny, because we wanted to incoporate a celebration of our freedom and acknowledge those we did not have the freedom we have today, but we weren't sure how. A few weeeks therefafter, we happend to watch, the movie "jumping the broom", and thereafter, we knew what we wanted to do.

To us jumping the broom had a two fold meaning:

One: Freedom - As much as it was about acknowledging the lack of freedom our ancestors had, as they didn't have the priveldge to get married like we do today, it was also a celebration of the fact that we are free to marry like sons and daughters of God.

Two: New beginnings - Jumping over the broom signified our leaving behind yesterday and entering a new life."

Best memory?

"Definitely the hail. During our creative shoot, after the ceremony, it started to rain and soon after, hail started falling. We all ran for shelter, but looking at the hail fall was just amazing. It was like God was trying to tell us that He is going to super bless us in our marriage (and in all honesty, he absolutely has thus far).

The second most awesome moment was when one of Neal's groomsmen walked in with a giant teddy bear. Since Neal and I met, he knew that I really wanted my boyfriend to buy me a big teddy (corny, I know). At a time, close to where Neal was not going to be my boyfriend anymore (but my husband), I was about to give up on ever getting a teddy from Neal. So when he chose to give me a teddy at our wedding reception, I was absolutely stunned. It was like a "oh, wow" moment for me. And somehow I couldn't stop laughing. Like, whose husband buys them a giant teddy on their wedding day? Mine, I But it was really cute.

I could highlight more awesome moments, but then this section would be super extra My entire wedding day was absoultely memorable. From the awesome rainbow and my bumpy ride to the venue to my husband crying in his speech and everything working out perfectly. Nothing will ever be forgotten :)"


He loves ..... “Definitely my smile. Or at least, that's what he always says takes his breath away.”

She loves ..... “Everything, really. But what I love most? Definitely how he loves me. He's always spoiling me with little DIY gifts and he would do just about anything for me. I love his passion for God. I love his cute mannerisms and I love his not-too-funny jokes. Man, I just completely love him.”


Cake: Gift from a family friend
Wedding dress: Made by the bride
Florist: Family Friend, Welma
Photography: Niki M Photography
Venue: Evergreen, Port Elizabeth
Videography: P2K Productions

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  1. Dorsh

    CONGRATULATIONS! You two make an incredibly beautiful couple.

    Genesis 2:22, 23
    22. And Jehovah God built the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman, and he brought her to the man. 23. Then the man said: “This is at last bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. This one will be called Woman, because from man she was taken.”


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