Spotlight Interview with Wedding Videographer, FemsterImages Productions

Today the MunaLuchi spotlight shines on Maryland based wedding videographer, FemsterImages Productions. "Adventurous, cinematic, luxurious, client oriented and remarkable," these are the self-descriptive terms used to express the concept of FemsterImages Productions, and MunaLuchi Bride Magazine would certainly agree. The Femster style is adventurous, at times even charmingly playful, and with a cinematic scope that creates within the viewer the feeling of watching a feature film, or witnessing a bigger-than-life documentary. The ability to achieve all of these qualities seamlessly blended in concise, heart-warming videographic presentations is truly remarkable, and a testament to Femster's client oriented focus.

Read all about MunaLuchi coterie member, FemsterImages Productions below:

Tell us a little about your background and how you got started in the wedding and events industry:

My background is in Electrical Engineering and has been involved with video production for years. Photography/ videography has always been my passion. My passion became a business for me. I love the creativity in cinematic video, how films tell stories and bring them to life. I have a couple of short films also.

Describe your company in 5 words or less:

Adventurous, cinematic, luxurious, client oriented and remarkable wedding videography.

What do you love most about being a wedding videographer?

Creating a seamless story is the best part about wedding videography.

What sets you apart from other wedding videographers?

I shoot cinematic videography, and stay abreast to advancing technologies to enhance the finish product for clients.

What keeps you inspired?

I am constantly inspired by the love stories of my clients, the advancing technologies, the competition in my area and throughout the web I see via research, Ray Roman is epic.

When you're not producing wedding videography, what do you love to do?

When not consumed in wedding videography and my day job I enjoy soccer, family time and researching ways of improving my business, equipment and advancing technologies in my industry.

What advice can you give to couples looking for a wedding videographer?

My advice to couples is to take the time to meet your videographer, have a conversation with them and make sure they are personable. Its best to feel comfortable so that on your big day you are sure to feel at ease in the presence of your video team.

What are your favorite locations to work with?

The best locations are exteriors during the day, I truly love landscapes and outdoors. I’d love to shoot in Dubai.

Based on your experiences, what would you like every couple to know before contacting a wedding videographer?

Based on my experiences, every couple should realize that wedding videography is memorable, it’s a time capsule, its an art form and there are expenses involved but they are well worth it if you make a great decision while selecting your wedding photographer & videographer.

Now - lets switch things up and have a little fun!

Mac or PC? PC, but I have a Ipad where I collect contact information at events.
Android, Blackberry, or iphone? Team iphone.
If you could travel to any location right now, where would it be? If I could book a flight anywhere right this second, I would be in Dubai because I’ve never been there before and I know it will be amazing.
Favorite song, TV show, Video Game? I am still stuck on Pharell’s “Happy” Song, watching  Luke Cage and playing FiFa 2017.

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