A Stylish Cobalt Blue and Green Wedding in Georgia

When Marcel and Kimberly met as teenagers, they did know they would grow to be soul mates. Kimberly reminisces, “Our friendship blossomed into something more romantic and he melted my soul.”  After years of dating, Marcel wanted everyone to know how dedicated he was to Kimberly, so he decided to propose to her during a family cruise.

Their families reunited for their spring wedding, and having everyone present to witness their union touched their hearts. Kimberly shares, “Family got us to this point and we wanted to celebrate our family on our special day.”   Kimberly wore two wedding dresses, and she was stunning in both.  Her first bridal look was a modern ball gown, which featured a dramatic ruffled skirt. For the reception, she changed into a sexy, form fitting Calvin Klein gown. Not to be outdone, Marcel was pretty dapper himself sporting blue suspenders, a custom green and blue bow tie, and retro All-Star sneakers.  Photos by Pru captured all of the sentimental moments and stylish details of this colorful Georgia wedding.

  • Wedding Date: 05/25/2014
  • Wedding Location: Del'avant Event Center LaGrange, GA
  • Color Scheme: Cobalt Blue, Green and Silver
  • Wedding Flowers: Babies Breath
  • First Dance Song:  Anthony Hamilton- 'Point of it All"
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: We had a huge selection of desserts
  • Wedding Menu Favorite: Mashed Potatoes, chicken, fish and the chicken fingers and tater tots for the children..Oh yea..Don't forget the wine and Bahama Mama's.

How They Met 

Marcel and I have been friends for a number of years. He was born in Miami and I was born in NYC. When he was 14, he moved to Atlanta and he became friends with my cousins, who moved to Atlanta around the same time. Marcel and my cousins ended up becoming very close and during the summers, and when my brother and I came down from NYC to visit our ATL family, Marcel was always around...so, of course, we became friends.

In 2007, I decided to make the move from NYC to ATL and Marcel and I connected on a deeper level. Our friendship blossomed into something more romantic and he melted my soul. I would have never thought that Marcel was the man I was tirelessly searching for. I thank God for him everyday. He helped me to appreciate life and happiness.

The Proposal 

In 2013, Marcel and I had a family cruise planned with my entire family. Right before we boarded the ship, we prayed and Marcel said, "Who's ready to make this the best cruise ever" and everyone screamed "YAAY". Marcel then said, "No. No. I don't think you heard me, I said, who's ready to make this the best engagement party EVER," and then everyone started screaming. At that moment (which will live in my heart forever), Marcel got down on one knee and asked me to share the rest of my life with him. Of course, I said yes.

I have found my Mr. Right and pray that my future days with him are filled with love, happiness and joy.

Wedding Style 

My first wedding dress was a Mori Lee dress that had a jeweled bodice with a dramatic ruffled skirt. My second dress was a Calvin Klein long sleeved evening wrap gown with a plunging neckline. My favorite accessory was my hair. When your hair is fabulous, you feel fabulous and I felt my most fabulous on my day.

Incorporation of Culture 

My husband's family is Jamaican and Bahamian, while my family is Grenadian. We made sure that we had a colorful wedding. We incorporated emerald greens, cobalt blues and silvers.

Most Memorable Moment 

My best memory was seeing my fiance during our first look. He looked so handsome and he was crying, and I was able to calm him down. No one else was able to do that but me. I will never forget that.

Wedding Advice

The planning, obsessing and stressing is definitely worth it. Know what you want and go for it.


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