Sweet, Classy and Sophisticated – Marline and Oneil’s D.C. Engagement Session

Marline and Oneil's paths first crossed at an open house for Seton Hall Law School from which they became Facebook friends - casually communicating over the next four years. It would be in 2012 that they took their first steps towards their new life together - going on a first date for coffee, conversation and sightseeing.
Having a love for historical sites they decided to have their engagement session at the Library of Congress and Smithsonian Garden. The loving couple looks forward to being joined as husband and wife in front of family and friends.

Read Marline & Oneil's love story, heartfelt surprise proposal, and wedding aspirations in their classy and intimate engagement session in Washington D.C. - beautifully captured by MunaLuchi Coterie member Rhea Whitney Photography.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Marline & Oneil
Occupations: Therapist/Entrepreneur & Business Analyst
Wedding date: July 27, 2017
Wedding location: Philadelphia, PA
Location of Engagement shoot: Library of Congress and Smithsonian Gardens in Washington, DC

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
In 2008, we met at Seton Hall Law School open house. Considering that there were not a lot of minorities at the event, my friend was adamant about us saying hello to Oneil. We all talked briefly about our interest in law school and our career goals. After the event, Oneil and I became Facebook friends. For the next 4 years, we would casually talk every now and then about our careers and not going to law school. In 2012, that friendship turned into a courtship. What made it special was that Oneil made our relationship official in front of my parents.
In July 2016, my girlfriends and I decided to go to Greece to celebrate our birthdays and our annual Haitian Girls Travel trip. They asked me if Oneil had made plans for when I returned and I said "Yes, we're doing brunch." Every year, Oneil and I do brunch or a rooftop restaurant since I love it so much. When I returned from Greece, we planned on celebrating that weekend. That Saturday, we attended a couple's paint event and had dinner at the movies. I had no reason to suspect any proposal would occur over the weekend. On Sunday, July 10th, Oneil planned to take me out for brunch. When we arrived to the Liberty House in Jersey City, we were escorted to a private room. When the hostess opened the curtains, I was in complete shock. I was greeted by 40 of my closest friends, parents and family. What made it even more special was seeing my two best friends of 30 years who both live out of town at my surprise "birthday" brunch.
The brunch was perfect, the floral arrangements he prepared, the cake that he had designed by a baker to the beautiful NYC views. After the brunch, my two best friends gave a toast. Following their toast, Oneil professed his love for me. At that moment, I am still thinking there is no way a proposal is happening right now. Until he uttered "There are two things I want to do in life, that is to serve God and make you happy...Marline, will you marry me?" I was in complete shock and said "YES!" It was beautiful to see the smiles of our mothers in the room.

Describe your engagement session? Our engagement session was classy and presidential. We both have a love for historical sites and Washington D.C. We were set on having our engagement session at the Library of Congress and Smithsonian Garden to capture our personalities and relationship. I am of Haitian descent and Oneil is Jamaican, so it was extremely important for us to capture that in our engagement session at the Smithsonian Gardens. The Library of Congress captured the elegance of our relationship and our love for attending galas and cocktail receptions.

What did you do on your first date? We went to Starbucks and enjoyed the NYC views by the piers. When our date ended, Oneil walked me to my car and to my surprise there was a boot on my car. I was completely embarrassed for parking in a Permit Only location without reading the signs. Oneil took the ticket and paid for it and waiting for the company to remove the boot off my car. I did not know how much the ticket cost and all he said was "just be careful next time." At that very moment, I knew there was something different about him. He was a complete gentleman and told me his intentions early on.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love going to Starbucks and just working on our goals. We are both visionaries who enjoy a good cup of coffee.

How has wedding planning been so far? It has been an extremely smooth process. We both have similar styles and knew what we wanted which made it easy.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Groom: I am looking forward to the first dance and just starting our lives as husband and wife.
Bride: I am looking forward to walking down the aisle and saying our vows in front of God, our family and friends.

Photographer - Rhea Whitney Photographer
Make Up Artist - Vivian Wynter
Hair Stylist - Faces of Madison Salon, Bloomfield NJ
Dress - Monique Lhuillier

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