Tachana and Marc’s Bright and Blissful Engagement Session in Bermuda

Tachana and Marc have known each other for as long as they can remember. Growing up, they attended the same church and sang in the choir together. Marc knew Tachana was the one for him early on. However, Tachana needed some convincing. Marc asked her out three times before she eventually said yes. She couldn't deny the chemistry between them any longer.

Read all about Tachana and Marc's life long relationship as well as their bright and blissful engagement session in Bermuda.

Bride & Groom: Tachana & Marc
Occupations: Policy Analyst & Distributor
Wedding date: November 2nd, 2018
Wedding location: Lake Mary, Florida
Location of engagement shoot: Bermuda

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. Marc and I honestly don’t know how we met. Growing up in Haiti, we have always been around each other. We attended the same church and were in choir together. He was my sister’s classmate. His grandmother was and still is one of my mother’s best friends. Though I don't remember how we met, I do remember our first official interaction. I was 8 years old, and Marc's grandmother was taking me to the eye doctor’s office. So, early on a Saturday, he arrived at my house to accompany me to her house because I was not familiar with their neighborhood. He was so rude. He didn’t say Good morning nor did he care to match my walking pace. His long strides left me struggling to keep up to avoid getting lost. Needless to say, his behavior left a sour taste in my mouth which would take years to get over. What can I say, I loved holding grudges.

Fast forward three years later, on harvest Sunday, he came to our church’s morning service after years of not attending. I saw him as I walked in for Sunday school. Still unapologetically nurturing my grudge, I simply waved. Later that night, to my and everyone else’s surprise, he was at night service too. I was judging him so hard.Why all of a sudden was he going to three church services a day? I figured out very quickly I was the reason. He came back that Sunday night so he could ask me out. As we left church, he walked me home and asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I was not interested until he lifted my right hand and placed the softest kiss on its surface. This was the first kiss I ever received from a male who had romantic desires. I did not say yes at this time. He tried again four years later when both of us were living in the states. It still didn’t happen for us. The third time was more than the charm for us; it was our destiny. He came to me and said, “we belong together.” That time, I was days out of a three-year relationship. I held on to him and never loosened my grip. Insane. Ludicrous. Out of y’all minds crazy. All of the above, but we saw undeniable love. We surrendered to it freely and we vowed not to let it go.

We discussed marriage within a month of dating. We just knew. We’ve planned financially, spiritually, and emotionally for this stage. We booked certain services way before he proposed. We’ve always been in a long distance relationship with Marc living in South Florida and me living in Michigan, Washington DC, and currently in central Florida. Marc had specifically asked me to come home this weekend because we got invited to a dinner; he even offered to come pick me up or arrange any other transportation means I desired if I didn’t feel like driving because I had a long week at work. Throughout the week, Marc had sent me pictures of how he wanted me to get my hair done. He also picked my dress. The day before, we had a spa day where we got our nails done and got out favorite meals. One rule for the weekend was that I could not go to my parents’ house because my sisters who live out of town came down to surprise me at my engagement dinner. That Sunday, the day of our proposal, Marc drove us to a restaurant. As I waited in the car I saw one of my sisters walk out of the restaurant. At that very moment, I also noticed a guy with a camera bag. I lost it. Short of breath. Shaking limbs. Teary eyes. All of it. When I finally mounted the courage to go inside, I saw my parents wearing their Sunday best, my sister and her husband, my father in law, and my friends. I looked at Marc and asked “what are you doing?” He just looked at me smiling and got on one knee. I’ve known this man basically for all of my life and I’ve never seen him so nervous.  His words were few and his smile was wide. I, on the other hand, was crying while saying yes over and over again.

Describe your engagement session. We didn’t have a theme for the engagement session primarily because the photo shoot was scheduled way before we got engaged. Marc and I have been blessed to travel a lot together, and one of my gifts to us when we explore new places is to have our pictures taken professionally. I would use social media to find non-mainstream photographers to shoot with. This photo-shoot was no different. When I booked it and we got our outfits, it was all for a couple photo shoot. However, after we got engaged we decided it would be our e-session. Our It was amazing and full of twists and turns. Our initial date got pushed back because of rain. When we got to the location of our first shoot, the venue was closed so we had to improvise. Our second location was also improvised because Marc was so hungry during the formal portion that he complained and announced his hunger until we stopped by a local restaurant to get him food. The pictures we took in our casual outfits were taken right outside the restaurant we stopped at to get Marc a burger. Some of our pictures will corroborate the latter.

What did you do on your first date? Our first date happened in 2010. Marc picked me up from high school. It was early release day so we stopped by checkers and then we went to Fort-Lauderdale beach. For our first "official" date as a couple we went to this restaurant called Seawatch in South Florida.

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has been one of the best experiences for me. It has enhanced our communication skills and our ability to work together. Before we delved into wedding planning, we chose to have a wedding planning getaway/retreat  to came up with our vision, better outline our budgets, and select dates for all wedding related events. Given that we live three hours from each other, this approach helped us tremendously.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. We are looking forward to when the pastor pronounces us as husband and wife.

Photographer - Donovin Seymour
Location - the unfinished church, St George’s Town Square

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