Temi + Rasheed: {Engaged}

The first time Rasheed saw Temi, he was smitten and her image was seared into his memory - so much so that when he saw her again a whole year later, he would recognize her immediately! Now, Temi and Rasheed share a truly unforgettable love. Their engagement session was photographed by Yinka of Chocolate Photography NYC. The makeup was done by Victoria of 3D Looks of Makeup Artistry.

The Bride: Temi Sowunmi
The Groom: Rasheed Awokoya
Occupations: Bride - Pharmacist; Groom - Accountant
Date of Engagement Session: 03.31.2012
The Location: Long Island City, New York

The Meeting ..... "Our very first interaction was at a mutual friend's wedding in New York October 2008.  During the wedding, while I was dancing, Rasheed came up to me to chat. During the conversation, he asked for my number which I declined to give him that day. Amazingly, in December 2009, Rasheed and I met again at a baby dedication in Maryland of the same friends that got married in 2008. As soon as I walked into the church, Rasheed could not keep his eyes off of me. He kept glancing at me and I would catch him staring at me. Lol. So after service, of course, he made his way over to me. He came up to me  and reminded me about our prior meeting; then we talked for a little while and this time, when he asked for my number, I gave it to him :) . We went to our friends' home to continue the celebration after church; while we were there, we continued to chat and got to know each other more.  At the end of the evening, we promised to keep in touch. Rasheed lived in Maryland and I lived in New York; so over time, we texted and chatted every now and then but nothing really kicked off. Finally in 2011, the ordained year, communication got intense and Rasheed requested to visit me in New York. He came around, we hung out, and he returned to Maryland. Afterwards, we both would go back and forth between NY and MD to hang out. It was during these visits that we became attached, got to know each other and decided to make our relationship official :)."

The Proposal ..... "On November 6th, 2011, on one of my visits to Maryland, Rasheed and I went to church. After church we went to Cheesecake Factory to have lunch before I returned to New York. While we were at the restaurant, Rasheed started to rush me: asking me to hurry up and finish my food so that I could get to New York on time. I was wondering to myself, "Since when did he start to rush me to leave him? Hmmm." Well, I did as he said and skipped dessert. On our way home, I noticed Rasheed was a little quieter than usual, but I ignored it thinking that maybe he was not in the mood to talk. When we pulled up to the house, I tried to grab my doggy-bag and other things I had in the car, but he was just like, "Leave everything and let's go in to get your bags." I was like, "Dang, like that?" I was getting upset at him! Anyway, we approached the door and he let me in first, as usual. As I opened the door, all I heard was "Surprise!!!" I was like, "What is going on?" As I turned around to ask Rasheed, I saw him already on one knee.  I started shaking! I saw him take off his suit jacket and start to unbutton his shirt, but I was too nervous to think so I did not think much of it. As he took my hand, he started to tell me how much he loved me and why he would love to spend the rest of his life with me. As he was talking I looked down at his shirt; it was then I realized that all along, he had a shirt that read "Temzy (my nickname), would you marry me?" I was so excited, happy and shocked at the same time. When he asked me I said, "Yes!!!!" Here we are today planning to get married on June 22nd 2012."

The Theme ..... "Our engagement session was a vintage theme and we used vintage London cabs as our main prop.We wanted one of our shoots to be fun and tell a story and the vintage shoot taken by Yinka of Chocolate Photography and styled by Chinwe O did just that. We did it on a breezy, rainy and cold day but we all braved the cold and pulled it off. It was a lot of fun having this shoot."

{You Make Loving You So Easy} 

He loves ...... "Physically, Rasheed loves my lips and butt. Lol. Emotionally, he loves my spirit. I've heard him say I have such a good spirit but only he can explain more."

She  loves ..... "One of the many things I love about my love, Rasheed, is his charm. When my baby walks into a room, he charms everyone with his smile and sleek behavior. He charmed my family and friends the first time they met him. He is always happy, lively and friendly.  I am so lucky to have someone like him to be mine forever. :D"

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  1. Yinka (Chocolate Photography NYC)

    Thank you so much for this feature! Temi and Rasheed have come to be a couple so close to my heart and I am so stoked that you featured them. Thank you Munaluchi!

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    […] know that the lovely Temi and Rasheed’s vintage engagement session was featured on their blog today. What an honor to be featured on the lovely Munaluchi Bridal Blog – to think a couple days […]


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