Theorian and Taylor’s Glamorous Engagement in New Orleans

Theorian and Taylor's relationship began online when they were just seventeen years old. They commented on each other's pictures but it wasn't until they met at a party that they exchanged numbers and started to build a deeper connection. Theorian and Taylor have grown up together and are ready to take the next step and start their lives together.

Read all about Theorian and Taylor's surprise proposal in Miami as well as their glamorous "Love is Love" themed engagement session in New Orleans.

Engagement Couple: Theorian & Taylor
Occupations: Professional Fashion Stylist/Director & Electrical Engineer
Wedding date: October 27, 2017
Wedding location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Location of Engagement shoot: New Orleans, Louisiana

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. We're millennials, so of course it all started with social media. We would like and comment on each other's pictures. In November of 2012, we saw each other at a party. It was there we finally met, exchanged numbers, and shared our first hug!

We were in Miami celebrating our birthdays when Taylor proposed. Our birthdays are actually one day apart. Mine is on May 16th and Taylor's is on May 17th. We originally were supposed to take our birthday trip with eight of our other friends but everyone ended up bailing on us. So Taylor proposing was the last thing I thought would happen because I always imagined getting proposed to in front of all my friends and family. But, on my birthday May 16th, at the Miami Sugar Factory she surprised me with the most beautiful ring that I cherish forever. Although, it wasn't in front of our family I've never been so happy in my life. It was so romantic because it was just us. It felt so right, we enjoyed the beach and dinner for the remainder of the evening.

Describe your engagement session. For our engagement session I really wanted the emphasis being a "Same Sex" wedding. So our theme is "Love Is Love." Being that I'm a stylist, I put our theme into our looks. With our first look, it was all about my custom "Love Is Love" cape designed by me and our location, which was an old hidden convent house deep down in Nola! For our second look, we really wanted to have some fun and definitely play with colors! This look was all about Taylor and her hand painted Gucci inspired biker jacket, that also stated "Love Is Love." For this look location we went to the Bywaters where Solange was married, just blocks away from the French Quarters.

What did you do on your first date? We both were only 17 years old. We went out to eat and to the movies. Taylor would always explain how she hated the movies because it was boring. But I was the complete opposite I love those type of dates. Ironically we were too young to enter a movie after 8pm. We laughed all the way to our next location which was food! Now we see every single movie that comes out in theaters!

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? As long as we're doing it together we enjoy doing everything! Specifically, we love eating out and traveling! We travel a lot! For the most part I eat almost everything. I am always forcing Taylor to try different things. She's now addicted to sushi!

How has wedding planning been so far? So far everything has been good but also rocky at times, so I guess we can say stressful. I'm a really creative person so planning our wedding on my own is a big deal to me. We know exactly what we want down to the tiniest detail. We'll probably hire an event coordinator only to make sure things are put into place the day of the wedding.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. There are three things I'm looking forward to: Saying our personal wedding vows, our first dance, and last but not least, The Indians and Secondline Band (there's a parade in New Orleans every sunday). It will be nothing short of fun! NOLA Style!

Photographer: Infocus Photography
Hair: Jaia Perique
Session Directing and Styling: Bride, Theorian 

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