Tiphani and Joshua’s Forest Fairytale Engagement in Florida

Tiphani and Joshua's relationship started online. After seeing Joshua's band play, Tiphani noticed he was particularly handsome. She found his Instagram page through a mutual friend and began liking all of Joshua's pictures. Her efforts payed off and he eventually returned the favor and sent Tiphani a message on Facebook. From there they went on their first date and the rest is history!

Read all about Tiphani and Joshua's online romance as well as their forest fairytale engagement session in Florida. The photographs were taken by DioBurto Photo and the stunning videography is by MunaLuchi coterie member Ashley Canay Videography Photography.

Bride & Groom: Tiphani & Joshua
Occupations: Primary Instructor & Admissions Representative
Wedding date: November 4, 2017
Wedding location: Ringling Museum
Engagement Shoot Location: The Orange Blossom Barn

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.Sometime mid-summer 2015, while sitting listening to a live band play in Ybor City, I noticed one of the singers on stage was a super cutie. Most times, I would send a smile, or bat my lashes in a gentleman's direction and wait for a response. But being that I'm sure he was blinded by the stage lighting, I had no clue as to whether he could even see me in the crowd. After the show, I noticed BJ, a friend from college was also at this venue watching the band. What I didn't know, was that he and this singing cutie were close friends , and fraternity brothers. Long story short, BJ had taken a picture with said handsome face and posted it on Instagram. I took it upon myself to find his tag name, and follow him. After he accepted my friend request, I proceeded to like a million of his pictures (hoping to catch his attention). He then returned the favor. We did this exchange of liking each others pictures for about two weeks. Josh then found me on Facebook and sent me a message that read "Have a nice day." Nothing more, nothing less. The idea of him sending the message and leaving me hanging for about two weeks was pure torture. He ended my wait for a response by giving me his number and asking me on a date to the movies... the movie date led to future dates and constant communication... and welp, he liked me so much, he "put a ring on it!"

The proposal was imperfectly perfect... Josh told me weeks in advance that he had some family coming into town and he wanted my mother and I to join them for brunch. The night before said brunch, we hosted a birthday party at our home for a close friend. After a few drinks we decided it was safe for some friends to stay the night and not drive home. The following morning some of the girls asked me about brunch and what I was going to wear, they had me lay out my outfit, and one even offered sunglasses to match my ensemble. As we were walking to the car, one friend said "It's such a beautiful day outside," which may not seem like an uncommon statement, but the manner in which she said it, it came off weird. I went back inside to a phone call from a cousin, she asked to speak to Josh, and he takes the call downstairs (weird observation #2). Why couldn't he just talk to her in front of me? I then start a text chain with my closest girlfriends telling them that people are acting weird and I wasn't sure what the day entailed, but to be on standby incase Josh proposes. All of my girlfriends shut the idea of a proposal down, because some weren't in town and they knew Josh wouldn't do it without them being present. On the way to picking up my mother for brunch, my brother calls me to say he thinks he passed me in traffic. I told him where I was, and that it was quite possible. I ended the call by telling him to have a nice day, in which he responds "No, YOU have a nice day!" (weird observation #3). Well we get to my mother's house and I saw my brother and his girlfriend both wearing white, coming down the stairs and my brother is holding a large cake. I thought nothing of it and assumed they are on the way to a party... well when I got upstairs I noticed my mom also has on white... when I get back in the car, I realize Josh is wearing a white shirt!!! (weird observation #4). At this point I'm all nerves and have no clue what is to come. Josh blindfolded me and tells me the brunchery is a surprise and he doesnt want me to guess where we are going on the drive there. We arrived and Josh walked me while I'm still blindfolded to the venue. I noticed the clicking of my mother's heels disappear and realize I'm all alone. I started asking him where we were and where was my mother, to which he denied to answer either question. As he grabbed my hand and continued to walk me in, I heard a constant clicking around my ears... (it was my friend LeShanda taking pics). Josh stops and told me he is going to take my blindfold off (it really wasnt him, but a friend removed it while he took a knee) When the blindfold came off I saw him on one knee and a crowd of family and my closest friends (all wearing white)... I ran away like a school girl screaming and crying. (how embarrassing, lol) Filled with emotions, Josh called me back to him and started telling me what I'm guessing was how much he loved me, but I didn't hear a thing. He placed the ring on my finger while I continued to cry uncontrollably and I shook my head yes. After screaming at all of my family and friends who knew what was going on, I realized that I was on a helicopter pad. Josh took my hand and walked me to the helicopter for a ride. Turns out josh and I were supposed to be on the helicopter ride, and while looking down, we would see my family and friends below with the sign that read "Tiphani, will you marry me?" But... my mother didn't check the banner when she picked it up from the printing store, and pre-proposal she realized the banner was instead a banner with a woman standing advertising a golf club. So... needless to say Josh and my family had to improvise. After the helicopter ride, Josh drove me to Jackson's Bistro where we met our family and friends for said brunch, lol. All in all its was an imperfectly perfect day!

Describe your engagement session. Josh and I decided on a wedding hashtag #happiLEEeverafter with me inheriting the last name Lee. We wanted to have a whimsical styled shoot where we could bring elegance to a natural environment... It was perfect!

What did you do on your first date?Josh asked me out to the movies. While I didn't mention it to him, I couldn't understand how I was to get to know him and we couldn't hold a conversation during the film. Little did I know, after Josh walked me to the car, we would stand in the parking lot and talk for 2 hours. I guess you can say we hit it off.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Spending quality time with each other.

How has wedding planning been so far? An emotional rollercoaster! Everything that could have possibly gone wrong has but thanks to an amazing planner, Christina Craft, of Ideal Design Events, and very flexible vendors, we will have the wedding of our dreams and it will be beautiful!

Tells us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day.A fairytale come true... the venue, the decor, the beautiful people, all coming together to celebrate our love.

Photography: DioBurto Photo
Videography: Ashley Canay
Hair: Einna Wilson
Makeup: Pebbles Cruzado

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