Top Bridesmaid Gift Bags for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Your wedding needs to be the perfect day to celebrate love. In order for this to happen, you need to plan ahead and have everything prepared at least one month in advance. Beside the dress, the venue and the menu, you also need to think about the gift bags. Your bridesmaids will help you with every little detail about the wedding and that is why you should put a bit more effort in their gifts. You can also think about the Planet while celebrating your relationship and purchase some eco-friendly bags as gift bags. Eco-friendly weddings are in trend and they help reduce pollution.

White Tote Bags

When planning for your bridesmaid gifts you might want to invest in a white canvas tote. Some of the best are the ones in simple white. They are extremely versatile and you can print anything on them. Choose a cotton gift bag and print your names in green. You can add anything you like in them, preferably bio-products. For instance, you can pick some natural soaps with rose flavor and a small bio body lotion.
You can also purchase big bottles of body lotion and put them in smaller, labeled bottles. This way, you can make personalized labels for all of bridesmaids. All of them will love these gifts and will appreciate the bio products which take better care of the skin.

Wine Bags

Pick drawstring wine bags made out of jute and choose the best wine or bottle of champagne. You can also add one of two glasses for every bridesmaid. Put your names and the date of the wedding on the glasses and on the label of the bottle. This way, your bridesmaids will always remember your wedding when they use the glass.
Another great thing about the drawstring wine bags is that they are reusable. They can be used for a different purpose after and this way your gift protects the environment. Always avoid plastic or carton bags because they are not eco-friendly.

Plants or Herbs

Why not give your bridesmaids flowers or herbs which they can enjoy for a long time? Pick a different flower, plant or herb for every bridesmaid and select a matching flowerpot. You can choose from a wide range of products in this department. Buy pastel-colored pots which match the color theme of your wedding. Also, the plants should be seasonal, for a more interesting gift.

Green and Light Beige Drawstring Bags

Another interesting idea for gift bags is the drawstring backpack. This type of bag is durable and reusable. Select the backpacks in green or light beige for an eco-friendly theme. Here you can add bio products such as nuts and other tasty treats. You can also buy multivitamin or coconut water to complete the gift. Print your names or the date of the wedding on the backpacks. Your bridesmaids will appreciate this gift because they can use the bag afterwards for different activities.

Small Bags with Mini SPA products

Your bridesmaids are going to love this kind of gift. Select a small cotton bag and add SPA time on it. Pick up all of your favorite SPA products, from bio soap to bio hand-cream. These products are available in small travel size at affordable prices. In every bag put one item from every category. You decide if you want to put your names and the date of the event on the labels of the products. Cotton Towels or peshtemals can also be added in the gift bag.

Personalized Gift Bags

You know what every one of your bridesmaids loves so you can make personalized gift bags for each one of them. Make sure to purchase these eco-friendly and bio products they enjoy and add them to the gift bag. Be sure to put products from the same category for every one of them. For instance, if you select body products, pick up different flavors of the same product. For tasty treats, you can choose the sweets or spicy treats for every taste. Make sure to select gluten-free or vegan treats for those who have a specific diet.
These gifts are great for showing your bridesmaids that you appreciate the effort they have put into your wedding. You know your bridesmaids best and that is why you need to be creative and make gift bags that match their tastes. If you want these gifts to be eco-friendly always pick materials such as cotton and avoid plastic or carton.

Also, the products you put into these bags should be bio in order to match the eco-friendly theme. Beside the fact that they are ecological they are also better for our health because they only contain natural products. Pick any of the gift bag ideas and customize it in your own taste. No matter the gift, your bridesmaids will appreciate the effort and the fact that you remembered them.


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