Tori and Olu’s Beautiful Garden Wedding in Brooklyn

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Fall 2018 Feature: Tori & Olu
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Tori and Olu’s love story began at a networking event held for young black professionals, hosted at a Brooklyn restaurant. Before even entering the venue, Olu, as if guided by fate, spotted Tori making her way inside. He immediately knew that she was someone he had to learn more about. Seeking her out inside the restaurant, it was Tori’s friend who noticed him first. Finding him attractive she waved Olu and his friend over to their table, but he only had eyes for Tori. With Olu’s friend engaging Tori’s friend in conversation, he was able to focus entirely on getting to know Tori. Although they spoke only briefly, it was already evident a magnetism existed between them. In Tori’s words, “we didn’t chat longer than ten to fifteen minutes…and somehow a vibe we both liked came off…I couldn’t resist how good he smelled and polite he was…” They exchanged numbers and from that evening on their paths became inseparable.

Continue reading all about Tori & Olu, featured in the Fall 2018 issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine, with photography by MunaLuchi Coterie member Sequoyah Daniel, and Officiant services by MunaLuchi Coterie member Married by Rev Roxy.

Bride & Groom: Tori & Olu
Occupations: Educator and Sales & Marketing Associate
Wedding Location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Wedding Date: June 30th 2018
Photographer: Sequoyah Daniel

Fast forward to October 5th 2018. Tori received a concerning text message from her best friend Diana. She claimed to be having some relationship struggles and really needed someone to confide in. They decided to meet at Tori’s place after work. When Tori arrived she found white and pink balloons and roses throughout the house, and hanging in the closet was a new dress with shoes and matching handbag. Near it was a card instructing her to meet Olu at the River Café at 8:00. That’s when Diana entered the room to assist her in preparing for the rest of the evening.

After her preparations were complete, a car was arranged to escort Tori to Brooklyn. Tori and Olu enjoyed a romantic dinner together, every moment feeling as special as a first date. Upon leaving they stopped to take some pictures together by the Brooklyn Bridge. While Tori reviewed the images, Olu bent down to “tie his shoe.” Still on one knee he turned to face her, and as Tori fondly remembers, he “said incredibly deep, heartfelt, and emotional things about me and us and our relationship – now and in the future.” Presenting her with a ring, Olu then asked Tori to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. For Tori, Olu “made the night 100% magical…”

Tori and Olu were married on June 30th in a beautiful garden wedding at Brooklyn Botanic. Their ceremony featured a traditional hand-fasting, using cultural and family significant Kente and Nigerian cloths. Their style was a whimsical floral theme of earthy regality. Tori was stunning in an embroidered gown, and Olu was dapper in a double-breasted almond suit designed by Brian Alexander Bespoke.

Wedding Party Gifts: Stemless wine glasses, and coasters reading "Best Day of Our Lives - Victoria and Olubunmi June 30th, 2018."  
Favorite Item on the Menu: Baked Chicken and Plantains
First Dance Song: “OJUELEGBA” by WizKid

Best Memories: Tori: “Seeing Olu for the first time! I couldn't have imagined what he'd be wearing and he looked absolutely stunning. The music playing (‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R.) just amplified my emotion so I couldn't help but start tearing up once we finally saw each other. When I saw him tearing up too, my heart wouldn't stop racing. I wanted to ball but kept it together because my makeup took way too long! It's almost like in that moment we KNEW it was really happening. All the prep, talks, love shared and experiences led to that moment. All the emotions just seemed to want to explode at once, but resulted in a minor implosion. The deepest love I've ever felt in one moment.”
Olu: “Saying the vows and professing my love to my wife under God and in front of all our loved ones truly allowed everything to come full circle - the moment that I'd prayed for was here. It was a true testament to God's will in our lives.”

Advice for Engaged Couples: Communication! Share your vision of marriage (the ceremony but also your lives together) and truly listen to each other when sharing your visions. Being on the same page was really helpful when discussing next steps with friends and family when we were together or separately.

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Fall 2018 Feature: Tori & Olu
Print Copies Available HERE!

Wedding Dress Designer: Willow by Watters
Suit Designer: Brian Alexander Bespoke
Hat Designer: Van Huynh of JJ Hat Center
Hair: Alisha Damon
Makeup: Amber Wright-Knight of Amoire Beaute
Photography: Sequoyah Daniel
Officiant: Rev Roxy Birchfield of Married by Rev Roxy
Rings: Lorraine West
Ceremony Location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Car: Rolls Royce

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