First Look Video: Yaritza + Reinhard’s Touching First Look by Unashamed Imaging

Age old superstitions have embedded in our minds that seeing your beau before the ceremony is bad luck. The tradition stems from a time when arranged marriages - which were typically symbolized as business deals, were custom. Back then, a bride's father's would prohibit the groom from seeing their daughters in fears of them calling the wedding off, if they find their daughter's unattractive. Oh - and wearing a veil? Well that was another measure to keep the bride covered until she arrived at the altar! Wow, some tradition - and considering its archaic nature, we think it's time for modern brides to slowly diminish this practice!

So, when coterie member and videographer, Anesha Collins of Unashamed Imaging shared her touching first look video with us - we just had to show it off! The couple spied in the video are Yaritza and Reinhard Schneider and this pair opted to break tradition and the outcome was so sweet.

"If a couple decides to see each other before the ceremony and break "tradition", it really tells me a lot about the couple. It let's me know as their photographer or videographer that the day and their relationship is still significant to the point that they value any precious moment they can have with just the two of them" shares Anesha. She continues, "weddings are often for the family and friends to be a part of the celebration of a union, but sometimes couples don't really get to enjoy each other on their special day; this is where a First Look can make a better chance for this opportunity to happen."

Take a glimpse at this heartfelt moment below while reading more commentary from Anesha, as she drops a few "videographer gems" on how to nail a successful first look video!

The Couple: Yaritza & Reinhard Schneider
Wedding Date: April 24, 2016
Wedding Location: The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour, FL

How they met: Yaritza| He was a bartender at a club I went to often with friends. He had been working there six years, yet I never met nor saw him all the times I went. We were introduced briefly by one of my co-workers. She had been dating his friend from college. My co-worker and I returned to the club three days later. It was the eve of Valentines Day. By the end of night he pulled me away and kissed me. He asked me to be his Valentine and I said "Yes!" It had been five years since either of us had a valentine. Four days later he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said "Yes!" And here we are 6.5 years strong.

Why they chose to do a first look: We expected the day of the wedding to be crazy and by doing our first look we were able to have a moment to ourselves. It also helped reduce the nerves. We felt a first look would give us a more intimate moment and also give us more time during the cocktail hour to take pictures with family and wedding party.

 Tips for A Successful "First Look":

Anesha Collins: There are definitely pros and cons to doing a First Look, but from my experience, if the couple's follow their photographer/videographers direction the pros outweigh the cons. Here are some tips to a successful First Look;

  1. Create a Wedding Timeline that includes the First Look and doesn't rush on the time needed to do so.
  2. Allow your Photographer(s) or Videographer(s) to select the best location for the First Look. They have the expertise to make the First Look a success.
  3. Willing member(s) of the Groom and Bridal Party: At least one person from each to assist the couple to meet, but separated of course.
  4. Bring the Groom down at least 10 minutes before the Bride is escorted to the location.
  5. The willing member(s) of the Groom and Bridal Party that escorted the Bride/Groom to the First Look location need to let the couple embrace and enjoy the moment after they've brought the couple to the location.
  6. Brides, don't be afraid to cry. This is a private and meaningful moment.

Brides-to-be, what do you think about breaking tradition by doing a first look?
Is this a do or don't for you?

The Venue: The Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour
Videography: Unashamed Imaging
Photography: Landon Hendrick Photography
Hair/Makeup: Sobe Make Up Studio
Cake: The Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour
Flowers: Annie flowers
Catering: The Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour/Annie Flowers
Wedding dress designer: Allure Bridal
Bride Accessories: Arley Hoyos
Hair Piece: Maria Elena Hairpieces
Shoes: Casadei
Rings: Kay Jewelers 
Grooms Attire: J.Ferrar
Bridesmaids Dresses: Dessy
Groomsmen Attire: Mr. Tux
DJ: Miami DJs
Music: Licensed via Audiojungle

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