Travel Spotlight: Escape to Breathtaking Bermuda

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Chosen as the host destination of the 2018 MunaLuchi Coterie Retreat, Bermuda is the paradise escape you long for in everyday life. Beautiful, brilliant blue waters, lush tropical greenery, pink sand beaches - and that’s just the beginning! The island destination boasts a rich historical background reflected in the architecture, culinary selections, cultural traditions and the beautiful people who call it home.

Twenty-one square miles of natural beauty, Bermuda is named after Spanish Sea Captain Juan de Bermúdez, the first known European to visit the island in 1505. Initially claimed for the Spanish Empire before becoming a British settlement a century later, Bermuda had no indigenous population - its culture growing and shaped over the centuries along with its multicultural community.    

With a seemingly endless amount of activities, Bermuda boast some of the best sailing, fishing and snorkeling opportunities, as well as whale watching and water sports - consisting of one hundred and thirty eight islands and ideally located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The collection of islands is home to some of the most breathtaking natural scenery including rocky coves, caves, marshes, forrests, preserves, gardens and grottos. Aside from the incredible marine life, Bermuda is home to colorful lizards, multiple species of bats, an array of birds, and hundreds of plant species.

Bermuda culture is mainly a fusion of British and African heritage, with numerous other influences, providing it with a rich and abundant arts & entertainment scene. Not only are there historic sites spread out amongst its twenty-one square miles available through sightseeing and tours, there are a large number of museums, art galleries, and theatres. Endless shopping opportunities are also available ranging from unique studio creations, exclusive boutiques, antique parlors, high fashion shops on Hamilton’s Front Street, brands familiar and new, as well as local artisan crafts.

If cuisine is your focus look no further, Bermuda offers an eclectic celebration of global flavors born of British, African, Caribbean, Native American, and Portuguese influences - all perfectly fused into a unique culinary experience. With almost everything under the sun available, it is of course the seafood that draws the most attention. Crafted from the finest local ingredients, there is endless menu opportunity for seafood lovers, as well as local specialities like the world famous Bermuda classic fish chowder. Whatever your selection, enjoy it with a rum swizzle - another island specialty, before finishing off your evening at one of many bars and nightclubs.

From stunning oceanfront resorts to intimate hillside cottages and everything between, Bermuda is your relaxation destination of private beaches, extensive spa treatments, golf courses, and beyond. With so many incredible options it can be difficult to choose, providing you with yet another excuse to return again. Having personally lodged in the luxurious Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club, I can assure you that staying only once in even the same accommodations isn’t nearly enough. The iconic “pink palace” offers fine dining, stunning views, shopping, a full spa, plenty of relaxation, and displays numerous works of art by legendary artists - including Picasso, Matisse, Hockney, Warhol, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy to name a few.

Whether it be for a family vacation, wedding location, honeymoon destination, or a weekend getaway, Bermuda will satisfy all your island desires and more, leaving you planning on how to return before you’ve even left - having discovered the perfect home away from home.

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