Tremayne + Ivan: {Engaged}

The union of Tremayne and Ivan is a match made in Fashion Heaven. A stylist and a model getting together? Talk about magic in the making. Tremayne and Ivan make even more magic together in their personal lives - with their love for each other.

Their sweet engagement session was photographed by Kimie James of IYQ Photography. The bride-t0-be loves her so much that she gushes about her photographer, "She rocks!!!!!"

The Bride: Tremayne Hill
The Groom: Ivan Finney
The E-Session: 03.03.2012
The Location: Kite Festival, Richmond, VA

The Meeting ..... "Ivan and I met through mutual friends. We both work in the fashion industry and so we first met professionally and then it grew from there."

The Theme ..... "For this shoot, we just knew we wanted something fun, playful and a little unconventional. We both are young at heart. We love to laugh together and there's something so perfect about having the same sense of humor as your partner. We told Kimie, our photographer, that we were game for anything- we just wanted something that we'd never seen in an engagement shoot before. We love supporting local businesses and festivals in our city so this was the perfect opportunity for the shoot. We loved getting to show off our individual style as a couple. The photos turned out so great! We were so excited. It looked like an ad out of a magazine for a summer/spring fragrance or clothing line:). It was something that we could both appreciate with our professional backgrounds."

Inspiration for the Wedding ..... "We cannot make up our mind about which direction we want to go for the wedding. We are beginning to think eloping might be the way to go. I think this session helped us to realize that at the end of the day, this union is about us. As long as we have each other, we are going to have a blast no matter what we do. At the end of the day, we do what we do. That's why we are together."

Best Part of the Session ..... "For this shoot, it's that there was no wind :). We were so excited and then ended up hanging out and throwing popcorn at each other and laughing till the wind picked up for all of about 15 minutes. We thought, "how can you have a kite festival with no wind?!" But it really didn't matter: we had fun as usual."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "He loves that I'm a good listener. He says I'm always there with a compassionate heart and no judgement whenever he needs support."

She loves ..... "I love how goofy he is. Most people see him as serious because of his line of work. He's so serious in his pictures. I love that he's got the heart and innocence of a child. No one knows this like I do :)"

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  1. Ade

    Lovely pictures. My favorite is that 1st picture, her face speaks a thousand words


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