Trend Alert: Tungsten Rings for Grooms

Should You Consider A Tungsten Wedding Ring?

When it comes to the wedding jewelry, it's not unusual for the focus to be more on the Bride's engagement set than the Groom's wedding band. Then, with so many other tasks on the “to-do” list in the lead up to the wedding day, the Groom's band can end up being a last minute item. After all, how hard can it be to find a simple wedding band? If you've left it until the last minute, you may be about to find out how hard it can be!

Once upon a time, a classic yellow gold band was the classic choice, but as times have moved on, and new technologies have arisen, there are now many more choices like wooden wedding rings and more. The latest “kid on the block” for men's wedding rings is tungsten carbide. Tungsten has been one of the fastest growing “modern metals” used in men's wedding rings today. This is because tungsten is the hardest metal, and one of the hardest materials on earth. This makes it almost scratch-proof – a nice quality to have when your husband doesn't take off his ring at the gym or when he's taking part in any number of “manly” hobbies that would make short work of a soft gold ring.

No metal is perfect however, and tungsten wedding rings have a couple of drawbacks as well. The biggest of which is that like titanium rings, they cannot be resized. This means that you need to buy from a store that has a great exchange service so that the ring can be exchanged if he decides it's a bit too small, or a bit too loose. The other issue for some guys is that tungsten is quite heavy. For a gentleman who has never worn a ring before, it may be a little uncomfortable at first.

The biggest recommendation we can offer is to try a few different metals on well before the wedding day. This way the Groom has plenty of time to decide not only what wedding ring will best suit his lifestyle, but also feels right to him.


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