Vernesa and Kesler’s Extravagantly Eye-catching Engagement in Texas

Vernesa and Kesler's courage to swipe right eventually lead to them to their soulmates. Having first met on Tinder, Vernesa was hesitant and wanted to take it slow before meeting in person. When they finally did meet there was an instant connection. What started as a breakfast date turned into a day long event. They soon realized they were meant to be together.

Read all about Vernesa and Kesler's relationship as well as their extravagantly eye-catching engagement in Texas featuring the work of MunaLuchi coterie member Events with Darrell. 

Bride & Groom: Vernesa & Kesler
Occupations: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative & Artist
Wedding Date: March 31, 2018
Wedding Location: The Bell Tower, Houston TX
Locations of Engagement Shoot:  The Gremillion Gallery & Sage Condominiums, Houston, TX.

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. (Vernesa) We met on Tinder and thankfully had the courage to swipe right. After connecting, we spent about 6 months just communicating via phone to get to know one another. Kesler was a little impatient but I was hesitant. His tenacity eventually won me over and I agreed to take the next step and actually meet in person.

(Kesler) The proposal was tricky considering how involved we both are in all aspects
of our relationship. The day I decided to ask for her hand I knew I would have to be several steps ahead of her. So I researched many ideas. I wanted it to be original and truly a surprise to her. Finally, I knew what, when, and how it was going to happen. Mastro’s was the place, the time was 8pm and Nick the manager and his wait staff were going to help me pull this off. The first thing I had to do is hide the ring.
She knew I had already purchased it but I couldn’t allow her to know where it was because she was looking for it everywhere. Here I am with this huge bulge in my chest hoping she wouldn’t notice. Finally, upon arriving at the elegant steakhouse I pulled Nick aside and secretly handed him the ring. Nick said he would be ready when I gave him the signal. Shortly after dinner was dessert. I looked at Nick and
signaled to him bring the dessert. There it was in the center of chocolate covered strawberries with dry ice cascading down like fog hovering over a stream in the early morning. I believe it was at this point when the entire restaurant stared in awe of this most grand surprise. My bride to be had not even noticed the ring or the dessert until I was down on one knee and the tears started to flow. The onlookers were cheering and clapping. I had not said a word yet. Then I popped the question. She
whipped her tears and said, “Yes! ' I nearly forgot to place the ring on her finger when a gentleman said,“Put the ring on her hand” that was the most important part aside from me asking her to marry me. There we were the center of attention so I yelled out loud, “SHE SAID YES”!

Describe your engagement session. “The pageant girl meets the Artist” summarizes us and our glamorous editorial style shoot best. Edward Heard, of Second Shots Photography captured our vision perfectly. We told him we were going for a more editorial than a traditional look for the engagement shoot and he nailed it.

What did you do on your first date? We met with the intentions of just having breakfast. I wanted to be able to get away quickly if things didn’t seem to go right. I was so wrong. Our breakfast date turned into lunch, ice cream and dinner…LOL. We haven’t parted since the day we agreed to meet. Whoever thought that a right swipe would lead to my soulmate?

What’s your favorite thing to do as a couple? Literally ANYTHING!!! As long as we are spending quality time together we're having fun.

How has wedding planning been so far? This whole process has been one big fairy tale. Having Darrell as our planner was the best decision we could have ever made. To have someone take your vision for your wedding day and bring them to life is priceless. Everyone just wait till March 31, 2018 and see the magic that Darrell and the rest of the team have in store.

Planner - Events with Darrell 
Photographer - Second Shots Photography
Hair Stylist - Patryce, Diamond Cut Studio
Makeup - Irie Jade Beauty

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