A Vibrant Yellow and Mint Green Spring Wedding in Virginia

A lot of people are nervous when they have to introduce their boyfriend or girlfriend to their mothers.  But Brittani Blackshear and Jered Sanders, did not have to worry because it was their mothers who set them up.   Brittani shares, “In March of 2009, my mother saw Jered singing at church and she immediately thought he was cute and that he should meet me. After service, my mother approached Jered's mother to talked to her about setting me up with her son.”  Jered received Brittani’s number from his mother and called Brittani to set up a date.  After months of sporadic dating, they were finally able to spend quality time together during Brittani’s winter break from college.  Sparks flew, and they officially began dating in 2010. Sometimes, mother does know best!

Since family and church played a big part in them connecting, Brittani and Jered decided on a wedding theme they entitled “The Spirit of Love.” Brittani shares, “We are spiritual people and we wanted our guests to feel the love we have for each other and God.” Everything about their spring wedding evoked the ambiance of new love, from the soft yellow, mint green and coral color scheme, to their bright and airy outdoor ceremony, and their fun filled reception.  All of the precious moments of their nuptials were beautifully captured by Terri Baskin Photography.

  •  Wedding Date: 04/12/2014
  • Wedding Location: Dominion Club, Glenn Allen, Virginia
  • First Dance Song:  "Greatest Love Song" by Musiq Soulchild
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: Chocolate and almond flavored cake
  • Wedding Menu Favorite: Crab Cakes
  • Bridesmaids Gifts: Converse Shoes
  • Groomsmen Gifts:  Engraved cuff links

How They Met

In March of 2009 my mother saw Jered singing at church and she immediately thought he was cute and that he should meet me. After service, my mother approached Jered's mother to talked about setting me up with her son. When my mom got home, she called me at school and told me she saw this cute guy at church that can sing and she wanted me to meet him. Jered's mom returned home and told Jered that she "found someone for him" and gave him my number. Jered called me shortly after receiving my number and we set up a date to Ruby Tuesday while I was home on spring break. When I first met him, I was shocked because I remembered seeing him at church when I was in high school and thought he was cute. Jered did not remember me from church but when he saw me he thought I had a cute face with a pretty smile. As time passed, we stayed in sporadic contact and went on a few more dates, but nothing really manifested. December of 2009, during my winter break, I called Jered and we met at A&W for ice cream. It was that moment that we felt an instant connection between us and wanted to know more about each other. After the ice cream date, we talked everyday and started dating officially in 2010.

Wedding Style 

A fitted, strapless gown with sparkling crystal details on the sweetheart neckline. My favorite wedding accessory was my ring. The veil, shoes, earrings, necklace and bracelet brought the dress together but my ring made it complete.

Most Memorable Moment

I have a lot of great memories but the best one I would say was when they opened the doors and I saw my husband to be standing there waiting for me. Right then I knew that it was real and we finally made it through the trials and tribulations we faced.

Wedding Advice

The best advice I can give to engaged couples is to not get lost in the planning and enjoy the process. Keep your mind on the main thing and don't allow other people's opinions influence what you want to see at your wedding. Always communicate to each other and keep your bond strong with one another. If you stay connected, the planning process will not stress you out unnecessarily.


Photography: Terri Baskin { View Coterie profile here}

  1. Dwan Gaines

    This was a MAGICAL day for two very special people, and I was glad to be a part of their special day! I have known Brittani since she was a middle schooler and Jered for a couple of years now and the love that exudes when being around these two is electrifying! They are God-fearing people that love each other wholeheartedly and their wedding day reflected that. Terri, (the photographer) who is my close friend and sorority sister, did an awesome job capturing every element of this special occasion! I am always in awe of Terri’s work because she is detail-oriented, personable, passionate and a perfectionist about her work. KUDOS to the happy couple and Terri for your feature in MunaLuchi Bride!

  2. May Baby

    I enjoyed reading your love story and seeing your pictures. I especially appreciate the celebration of your love for each other and God. Congratulations and God bless!

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