VIDEO: Luxe “Harlem Renaissance” Themed Wedding in Maryland: Danielle & Adam

Doesn't today's featured couple, Danielle and Adam look familiar? Well lets jog your memories! Remember back in June when we teamed up with Snapchat to take part in their first International Wedding Day? Well now the couple, whom are still reveling in newlywed bliss, are sharing more with us on how they met, the proposal and other special details from their big day! Take a peek at their luxe, Harlem Renaissance themed wedding that involved several coterie members including planner, Jayne Heir Weddings videographer, Chip Dizárd and photographers, Natarsha Wright and Rhea Whitney.

The Couple: Danielle & Adam Mahone
Occupations: Program Analyst and Associate VP of Services
Wedding date: 6/4/2016
Wedding location: University of Maryland Memorial Chapel & Riggs Alumni Center

How we met:
Danielle's Story: I knew Adam for nearly 2 years prior to him asking me out to dinner. We always seemed to bump into each other at mutual friends' events and I remember him constantly asking me, 'Danielle, why are you single? Where's your man at?' in flirtatious tone and only they way Adam could ask. However, he never asked me out and it wasn't until a Spring Happy Hour at Ulah Bistro in DC that he asked me for my phone number.

Shortly after that, I departed for a trip to South Africa and Adam emailed me every day or so to check on me until I returned home. When I did, he offered to help put my bed together in my new condo. Being as arrogant and as self assured as I've ever witnessed the man, he proceeded to break my bedpost by "miscalculating its weight and size" and let it slam to the floor. As angry as I was at this man, I could only smile and laugh at his apologies and explanations and can honestly say that could've been the end of our story, but it was only the beginning

Adam's Story: 

There was always this tall, beautiful woman with a funky style and headstrong attitude showing up at random functions. We had never really had a substantial conversation other than "hi" and "bye" and my occasionally flirtatious jokes and comments, but Danielle always carried herself with a certain demeanor and sophistication that not all men can appreciate and recognize. 

On a beautiful spring evening in 2013, a mutual friend invited me to attend a brief happy hour for drinks and appetizers. As I navigated the District in rush hour, I was greeted by a cheerful "Hey, Adam. You going to Ulah?" When I turned right I saw Danielle who I proceeded to follow until we both parked our cars. As we walked to the restaurant, we held a vibrant conversation, laughed at each other's jokes and in my mind began to confirm that this woman has substance. Not to mention, style, character, beauty, intelligence, and a personality to match. 

Later that evening as we drank and conversed with friends, I remember looking across the table at her and for the first time ever saying to myself about a woman and genuinely feeling, "I could stare at this woman forever." And there began my determination to win her heart, no matter the circumstances…

The Proposal
Danielle: On Friday, May 15, 2015, I planned a private birthday celebration for Adam that included 20 of our closest friends. To me, it was a celebration in honor of his 35 years on earth, but unbeknownst to me, he had a totally different agenda. Leading up to the event, no detail was left unchecked, but I was wondering why Adam was so distant and uninvolved. I also was curious as to why his parents and all of their friends were in the restaurant’s bar and lounge area.

Once the dinner was served, and the birthday toasts were given, the lights went down and an unplanned video appeared on the big screen. About two minutes into the video it hit me… “He’s about to propose!” The waterworks started, he got down on one knee, and with Musiq Soulchild playing in the background… my life changed forever.

Adam: The proposal video took a lot more effort, research, and assistance than I expected. Everyone knows how technologically illiterate I can be. But luckily with a little misdirection and a lot of friend support… the iMovie, audio track, and A/V system at Sobe performed exceptionally. I received the most special gift a man can ever received that night. A woman who respects, loves, and understands me. This woman is honored to spend the rest of her life with me and I couldn’t have asked for a better present on my 35th birthday.

Describe your wedding dress!
I actually wore two dresses, one for the reception and one for the ceremony. The idea of having two dresses was a little extravagant, but I knew that I wanted a mermaid styled dress. However, I couldn’t dismiss the idea of always envisioning myself on my wedding day, walking down the aisle, with a princess ball gown. My now sister-in-law, and one of my friends, traveled with me to Kleinfeld’s sample sale in New York to go wedding dress shopping. The experience was so much fun.

Ellie, from Say Yes to the Dress was my consultant. I walked back and forth down the hall in a variety of dresses and everyone from the staff to customers were complimenting me, giving their opinions, and encouraging me to make a selection. 10 dresses and 2 hours later, I was stuck deciding between a white Tony Ward ball gown and a champagne colored Danielle Caprese (namesake!) mermaid gown. Both gowns fit perfectly! I called my mother who was in the Dominican Republic at the time, and asked her what to do because a girl needs her mother on this day. My mother convinced me that my wedding day only comes once in a lifetime and told me to just get both! So I headed on a train back to Washington, DC with two dresses in-hand.

What was wedding shopping like for you?
I’m pretty easy to please, and when I see something that I love, I go for it. So wedding dress shopping was kind of easy for me. I visited Betsy Robinson boutique in Baltimore for my first appointment. My mother, mother-in-law, and cousin helped me to determine the type of dress I wanted versus what I didn’t want. Though the dresses were all beautiful, I knew that I wanted something a little more over the top and extravagant. Later that week, I received an email blaster from Kleinfeld Bridal promoting their Sample Sale. A week later, I traveled to New York in search of THE dress.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?
Our wedding was a Harlem Renaissance-themed wedding. We appreciate the culture and the history of the 1920s era so we tried to incorporate that into our design and décor. For example, we included ostrich feathers in a florals, sequin and bling, and art deco lettering and colors (black, gold, and ivory). Instead of table numbers, we labeled our tables after famous Harlem Renaissance actors, poets, and musicians. We wanted to give our guests a Cotton Club vibe.

Quick Facts:
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts:
Bridesmaids: Robes, necklaces that they wore on the day of, tote bags, personalized hangers and hair and makeup for the day of.
Groomsmen: Personalized etched growlers and cigars.
Favorite item on the menu: Everything!
First dance song: “So Amazing” by Luther Vandross

What is your best memory from your wedding?
One of the best memories of our wedding is the first dance. While dancing to Luther Vandross, So Amazing, reality hit us that we were finally married. After a year of planning, the wedding day was finally here. We just kept saying to one another, “We really did it, we really did this.” Another would be our awesome caricature artists!

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
I would recommend that couples really sit down and draft a concrete budget. If you find yourself splurging in one area, don’t increase your budget, make a sacrifice some place else. I would also suggest that brides convince grooms to spend at least 20% of their budget on photography and videography because once the wedding day is over, memories are all you will have. Hindsight is always 20/20. Finally, I would encourage couples to really prioritize their wants. Consider what’s important and devise ways where you can save money. For example, if you have a photo booth at the reception then you do not need to do wedding favors. The pictures are the favors. Also, a lot of couples waste money on open bar. Venues want you to pay $14 or more per person for the duration of your reception when in reality, everyone will not opt for an alcoholic drink.

Bridal Gowns: Kleinfield Bridal (Dress Designers: Tony Ward and Danielle Caprese)
Florals: Davinci's Florist and Travis Gabriel Floral Designs
Weddings Stationery: Alexandria Lindo
Invitations: Blush Events Boutique
Cake: Fancy Cakes by Leslie
Reception Venue: Samuel Riggs Alumni Center 
Ceremony Venue: University of Maryland Memorial Chapel
Hair: Nicole Whalen, All Dolled Up Salon
Makeup: Nadia Mercado
Groom’s Tux: Hugo Boss
Groom’s Second Tuxedo Jacket: Enzo Custom
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groomsmen Tux: Vera Wang
Shoes: Ivanka Trump
Photography: Natarsha Wright Photography
Photography: Rhea Whitney Photography
Videographer: Chip Dizárd
Wedding Planner: Jayne Heir Weddings 
Photobooth: Charm City Photo Booth 
Caricature Artists: About Faces Entertainment 
Cellist: Benjamin Gates

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