Wedding Announcement: Shania’s Angel

Shania + Steven

Proposal: May 23, 2010 + January 6, 2011

From the bride:

"The reason there are two dates is because we both proposed.  The first time, I proposed to him at his dad's house the day after my birthday. We had planned to go there to spend my birthday with his dad and his stepmother but he didn't know what was going on.  So we went out to eat and when we came back I handed him a bag full of little Thank You tokens and a card and poem.  I was nervous to propose but I read the poem to him, turned to him and proposed...and he said yes....

The second proposal was right after New Years and we were driving my mother back home.  My children were supposed to stay with my sister but Steven kept insisting that everyone should come.  So I just went along with it.  We got to my mother's house and decided to rest on the couch because I was so tired.  The next morning, my mother was yelling my name because she said her foot was stuck.   I told her to call someone else because I wanted to sleep, but she kept screaming for me.  I got up and went into the kitchen and there he was on one knee with my children standing behind him, and he asked me if we could spend the rest of our lives together... I cried and said yes.  He told me he knew it was important to me that my dad was there and since he passed away he decided to come to my mother house and propose.  So on August 18th of 2012 I will be marrying my angel."


We wish you and Steven the best and congrats on the proposal!


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