Wedding & Event Planner, Lenee Valentine Tells Us Why Grooms Matter Too!

Happy Tuesday! Considering the focus always lies on the bride, the idea of grooms getting shine on their big-day is often an oversight! However, event planner and coterie member, Lenee Valentine is here to fix that! Lenee is guest blogging today to share more with readers on her new company, Grooms Matter Too® and the services they provide to assist grooms along their journey to the alter! Scroll on for more, while viewing photography by fellow coterie member, Chi-Chi Agbim of TwoTwenty Photography.

The time is here! It's almost your wedding day and you can't be more excited to marry the bride of your dreams! You know the fairytale cliche says, "It's the bride's day," but secretly you can't help but think "What about me, the Groom?"

Grooms Matter Too® was created from the philosophy that the grooms satisfaction and enjoyment matters just as much as his beautiful bride. Every aspect of your plans should be distinctly memorable for him as well.

Our service offering is designed to leave him relaxing in an air of luxury, and stress-free ease. Trust us to handle the details while catering to your unique taste and your wedding season experience will be unforgettable.

Need suggestions on how to pop the question? Our Surprise Proposal Service, has expert recommendations with just the answer.

Wish to bond with the groomsmen before the wedding?  Let us take care of the car service, dinner reservations, and provide activity options. Grooms, we can even ensure complete relaxation with elite grooming, spa/masseuse services, and exclusive styling and clothier connections.

So brides to be - if you want to begin to stimulate the wedding planning process with your groom, why not have Grooms Matter Too to create memorable experiences for him during this magical time in the both of your lives.

Think of us as a personal concierge totally focused on catering to all of "HIS" wedding needs. In a story where typically the man is left out of every wedding detail except the financing, WE BELIEVE, that Grooms Matter Too®!

Grooms Matter Too: Owner & Creative Director, Lenee' Valentine
Photography: ChiChi Agbim, TwoTwenty
Styling:  Donnell Baldwin, Mr. Baldwin Style
Co-Producer: Courtney Arrington Baldwin
Styling Assistant: Sydnee Paige
Men's Grooming: Makeup Artist, Daurisa Villanueva
Florals: Veronica Epps, Pretty Petals Florals
Models: Andres Robles | Will Taylor | Tylique Walter | Capri Carter

Lenee’ Valentine is the CEO and Creative Director of Lenee’ Valentine Weddings & Events, a full-service event planning firm.  Her work has been showcased in various venues across the United States.  With over twenty years of experience, Ms. Valentine is highly sought after for her event planning and styling expertise. Her creative eye, original designs, and professionalism have afforded her the opportunities to work with many local businesses as well as celebrity-level
event designers.

Her work has been featured in publications including: Munaluchi Bride, Preston Bailey’s Blog, Bombshells in Business, Home, Confetti, Style, Redefine, Two Bright Lights, Urban Style, Pretty Perfect Living, Party Style, You Mean the World to Me (UK), The Maven Bride, Showerbelle, Posh Bridal, Southern Maryland Weddings, Swan So Sweet, Mazel Moments, and LaBelle Africana, just to name a few. She has been invited to deliver keynote speeches on the importance of setting goals and living your dreams and has appeared on several occasions as a guest on Fox 5 DC.

In addition, Lenee’ has recently launched her newest company called Grooms Matter Too®. The company was created from the philosophy that the grooms satisfaction and enjoyment mattered just as much as his beautiful bride to be. The goal is to guide the groom along his new journey while assisting with all of the wedding details that relate specifically to him and his groomsmen ex: surprise proposals, rehearsal dinner, styling, groomsmen gifts, outings with the guys, transportation and more.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her friends and family.  In addition, she enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and empowering people to live their wildest dreams.

Follow her happenings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Also check out Grooms Matter Too on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Fred Tessier

    WOW-MY GOODNESS! Now this is one amazing photoshoot! As a fellow groom-to-be, I am so glad to see that there is actually a “GROOMS THAT MATTER TOO campaign going on! Us Grooms also need love, therefore its a great feeling to know that we are also appreciated. Simply fantastic i tell you… Stellar job also on the male grooming and apparel selections!!

    • lenee valentine

      @Fred Teassier. Thanks so much for all the love and support and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding…

      We would love to speak with you and assist you with your the most important moments of your life…

      Feel free to contact us at: | 240.243.9550

  2. Sharlene Hawkins

    Love it!!!

    • lenee valentine

      Aww Thanks Sharlene…Your support is greatly appreciated. :)

  3. Robyn

    Lenee has the awesome ability to make everyone feel special! So impressive…

    • lenee valentine

      Thanks Ms. Robyn :)

  4. Michael Wood

    WOW!!! This is a much needed and long awaited service. So many men would like to have some focus on them as well. We would like to feel special. Lol. But seriously, this looks like this will be an amazing company. Can’t wait to see whats’s next for Grooms Matter Too!

    • lenee valentine

      Thanks for the comments Michael Wood. Be sure to stop by the website…We’d love to service you and or your male friends.

  5. James Lee Wright Jr.

    Hello Mrs. Smallwood, wish I could have contacted you 6years. Lol, you definitely, would have been our first choice. ((((((Great site)))))))

    • lenee valentine

      Thanks Jay :)

  6. Vincent Brown

    This is so REFINED and these services are so necessary! The modern man needs something like this that takes care of his needs. I personally like to look good and feel like I’m being pampered lol. Car service, professional styling, the whole nine. I’m definitely interested in this company.

  7. Darrin Hawkins

    Wow! Someone finally thought about us! This is such a unique and just plain cool way to help include the groom in the celebration and festivities leading up to such moumental occasion. Cudos to the creator!

  8. Mia Wright

    What you do is nothing short of amazing! I’m planning a late summer/early fall wedding and had no idea how valuable the appearance of my groom is. I also didn’t understand how to incorporate his ideas into our wedding. I truly enjoyed this write up and will be reaching out to you to make what I was originally dubbing “my day” into our day.

    • lenee valentine

      Congratulations to you Ms. Mia… We’re just a phone call away. So glad that you’re now looking at it as “Our Day” :)


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