Wedding Hair: Natural Wedding Hairstyles

To straighten, or not to straighten?  That is the question many natural hair brides ponder when they are trying to decide on how to style their hair for their wedding. While we are sure you will look beautiful either way, if you choose to wear your hair natural for your big day, you are not alone. Our lovely real brides below demonstrate some of the many options you can choose from if you want to style your hair in all of its natural glory. 

Bride Cathy wore her natural hair in a simple, yet elegant updo. See more of her Liberian wedding here.  (Photography by M. Clay Photography).

Bride Jocelyn pulled her lovely curls up and let them frame her beautiful face. We also love the natural looks her bridesmaids sported for her big day. See more of her Hawaiian wedding here.  (Photography by James Rubio Photography).

Bride Kopano looks lovely with her locs pulled back into a classic bun. A classic bun is a perfect style for any hair type! See more of her South African wedding here. (Photography by  Kiekie Photography).

Bride Sasha gave her hair some lift by styling it into a pompadour in the front. See more of her Jamaican destination wedding here. (Photography by  Saab Wedding).

Bride Maeling (a popular natural hair blogger who goes by The Natural Chica) worked with renowned natural hairstylist Tamika Fletcher to create her awesome natural hairdo. See more of her garden wedding in Atlanta here. (Photography by Sophia Barrett Studios).

Bride Rentia twisted her hair back to achieve this elegant hairdo which was perfect for her beach wedding. See more of her destination wedding here. (Photography by  Jeremy Harwell)

Bride Kristen added a gorgeous hair adornment to bring some sparkle and glamour to her natural updo. See more of her Vintage Birmingham wedding here. (Photography byK. Bryant).

Bride Charlotte wore her natural hair up allowing her stunning statement earrings to be on full display. See more of her Teal and Orange Wedding here. (Photography by Paosin Photography).

If you want inspiration on how to style your natural hair for your big day, consider wearing it down in a fun and curly twist out like the one demonstrated by Alyssa Forever, or maybe up in a vintage inspired pompadour like one demonstrated by simplycre8eve. If these tutorials are not enough, check out the last YouTube Video which shows 69 ways naturalistas can style their hair for their big day.

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