Works of Art: 16 Hand Painted Cakes

Cake decorating is considered a delightful form of artwork. Plus you can eat it too! But have you ever seen a gorgeous painting and wondered if it can fit on a cake? Hand painting cakes has become an emerging trend that brides have been incorporating into their wedding. Here are sixteen examples of this great trend in cake decorating: Hand painted cakes!

We love the various designs and creativity that these cakes bring. Plus we have peeped and saw that our Coterie members such as Fruitilicious Cakes, Sugar Euphoria, and Not A Crumb! Exquisite Cakes, have some delicious hand painted masterpieces as well! They are sure to brighten up your table. Some of them are too pretty to eat!

Cake Ink

For Goodness Cakes

Julie Eslinger

Sugar Euphoria

Hazel Wong Cake Design

Hazel Wong Cake Design

Nadia & Co. Art & Pastry

Gateaux Inc. Cake

The Wedding Co.

Nadia & Co. Art & Pastry

Fruitilicious Creations & Cakes

Nadia & Co. Art & Pastry

Neli View

Sky's The Limit Cakes

Not A Crumb! Exquisite Cakes

Sweet Love Cake Couture

Whether you are an artist or art aficionado, let your creative spirit live through your wedding cakes your big day! Hope you find some inspiration for your upcoming wedding!

  1. Kanae

    These cakes are simply beautiful.


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