Tennessee Courthouse Wedding With A Sweet Pop Of Yellow: Michelle + Terrence

It was at the Denver Elementary School, in Memphis Tennessee where Terrence first caught Michelle’s eye. Michelle, a teacher at the elementary school caught herself admiring Terrence, the new Phys. Ed. teacher, amid a library bookshelf during a professional development meeting. “I didn't think he was paying me much attention at the time. Later, I found out he really was paying attention when a co worker said he asked her for my number. We have literally been together ever since”, shares Michelle. However, the pair smartly decided to keep their relationship on the hush for the two years they worked together, to avoid any messy situations.

Flash forwarding to Christmas Eve 2015, as the stockings hung gently over the fireplace at Michelle & Terrence’s place - a blinging surprise was nestled inside. “It's a tradition in his family to open presents on Christmas Eve. Once we got home from his parents house he asked me if I wanted to open one. I said sure. Which one should I open? He told me to look in my stocking over the fireplace”, says Michelle. Though Michelle had taken a sneak-peek a few weeks before and found an empty stocking, it never crossed her mind to check again before Christmas.

“I did not think anything would in there. I looked in the stocking and it was a little white box. At this point my heart skipped a beat. I opened the box, and there was my dream ring live and in person and I just started to cry. In his undies, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him”, shares Michelle. And of course, she said yes and immediately phoned her mom and sister to share the blissful news. Similar to a young child in anticipation of Christmas Day, an overjoyed Michelle didn’t get much sleep that night.

The couple shared their “I do’s” in an intimate courthouse ceremony that incorporated sweet pops of yellow and hints of grey within the color scheme. The pair selected coterie member, Amy Hutchinson Photography to beautifully capture their special moment. Take a look at their Tennessee wedding at the Shelby County Courthouse.

The Couple: Michelle + Terrence Turner
Occupations: Michelle & Terrence are both Teachers
Wedding Date: 3/21/2016
Wedding Location: Shelby County Courthouse in Memphis, Tennessee

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?
No. Although we had a courthouse wedding, I still wanted it to be as traditional as possible. I wanted the feel of a real wedding.

Describe your wedding dress and your favorite wedding accessory!
My wedding dress was an ivory and lace, Jessica Simpson with a 3/4 sleeve and a scalloped hem. The back of the dress was V-shaped with a hidden zipper.

I would have to say that my favorite accessory was my yellow and gray birdcage veil. It was beautiful and I was so excited that it was made to perfection. The veil made me feel like a bride and the fact that it was yellow and cheery and expressed the happiness and joy that I was feeling on my wedding day was amazing.

What is your best memory from your wedding?
My best memory would have to be the happiness and joy I was feeling on that day. I was so nervous, yet so excited and I couldn't stop smiling at him. I just thought "damn he is so awesome!" And I was overjoyed that God saved a good one for me! I loved how intimate our wedding was. Although our family and friends were there, it felt like it was just me and him - and I loved every moment. This is truly was was most important to me on this day.

If I had to choose another, riding around with our photographers (Amy and Ed) to find the "gray wall" Downtown was fun! It was like a mini scavenger hunt. Those pictures are fantastic!

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Think about the things that are truly important to you as a couple. Once you put that into perspective, you can eliminate the "fluff" and the stuff that really does not matter. Focus on the marriage and not the "show". At the end of the day, a wedding is about the union and the love that two people have for one another. Oh yeah! And don't sweat the small stuff; remember to communicate!

Dress: Jessica Simpson 
Shoes: Nina Shoes
Veil: VeilsAndHeadpieces
Hair and Lash Extensions: Tamela Shaw
Photographer/Videography: Amy Hutchinson Photography
Flowers: Bartlett Florist
Ceremony Location: Shelby County Courthouse (Memphis, Tennessee)

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  1. MTurner0321

    The article turned out amazing! We are truly pleased to have been featured in this magazine. Our story was represented very well and I felt I was living it all over again! Thank you.

    • lynn

      Your colors and the wall are just breathtaking.

  2. lynn

    The beautiful simplicity of this union is so heartwarming and stunning. Love absolutely “doesn’t need a show”. I adore how you worked the location and made it as regal and fantastic as any other. Kudos to you on treasuring the authenticity of love and valuing what is truly important. May God bless you with many years of love, joy and peace.

  3. Mimi Green

    So simple, so chic I love it. All the best to the bride and groom.

  4. Shenika


  5. Angela

    Beautiful couple. I love the simplicity of it all. Best wishes and congratulations to you both!


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