In-Depth Interview with Funmi Dosunmu of FMD Events LLC

MunaLuchi Coterie member Funmi Dosunmu of FMD Events  knows the importance of being on budget, on time, and making each couple's vision a reality. Catering to Millennials and members of Generation Z , this event planning company strives to make each event as unique and sophisticated as their clients. Read all about FMD Events in this informative in-depth look into the wedding industry with founder Funmi Dosunmu.

Name: Funmi Dosunmu
Business Name: FMD Events, LLC
Founded: April 2017

Describe your business. FMD EVENTS is a team of millennials dedicated to luxurious innovation. We are uniquely positioned to understand the scope of weddings that appeal to this generation’s sophisticated brides and grooms.

What did you do before starting your business in the wedding industry? Before I started my formal career in the wedding industry, I was in graduate school at the University of Chicago studying for my Masters in Computer Science. During my studies I realized that I was not passionate at all about computer science, so I decided to take some time off to pursue my true interest, event planning.
During that time I was fortunate to receive an internship with a top luxury wedding planner in Chicago. After about two months of interning I was promoted up to Lead Event Consultant and I started off handling my own wedding. It was literally a life changing experience that took me to LA, Dubai, and beyond. After learning everything from full event planning to exquisite floral design, I felt I was ready to break out on my own, which led me to move back to my home state of New Jersey and launch FMD Events in NYC.

How long have you been in the wedding industry? Since 2015.

How would you describe your style? Modern, sleek, clean, yet exquisitely luxurious. I like things that are tasteful yet not over done. We plan weddings for the sophisticated bride.

What motivates you? My parents and my friends motivate me. My parents worked so hard to get me where I am today and I want to make them proud. I’m surrounded by amazingly talented and smart friends from both high school and college who are all doing great things, they keep me inspired. Knowing I can actually make my dreams my reality pushes me to achieve my goals.

Why should brides/grooms choose you? I’m super easy to work with and overly friendly! I like to think of myself as the bride’s new best friend and confidant. The wedding planning process is definitely stressful for a couple and I provide a stress-free experience. With my eye for detail, tight organization skills, and strong design knowledge brides & grooms will have a fabulous wedding experience with FMD Events.

How does your company define and measure success? I measure my successes by the satisfaction of my clients. Wedding planning is about providing a memorable experience. If my clients are thrilled, I succeeded. Client satisfaction is key!

What do you enjoy most about your work? I enjoy making people happy. My name means “God has given me joy” and I truly believe that it is part of my life’s mission is to bring joy to others.

Describe a proud moment while working in the wedding industry. My first styled photo shoot I have ever done under my company was held this past February in Florence, Italy. I like a challenge, so it’s no surprise that I decided to go to another country for my first shoot! At first is was difficult finding the very best vendors to collaborate with, especially since most of the vendors speak Italian and I don’t. However, after tons of research and even more emails, I was able to secure an amazing team of vendors. The shoot came out better than anyone could have imagined, I was so thrilled to see all my hard work pay off.
I loved coming up with the Creative Design for the styled shoot, it really pushed my limits and I know I’ve grown to be an even stronger wedding and event planner because of this amazing experience.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received for your work? When I have a call with a potential client and just by speaking with me once they already know they “HAVE to work with me!” I’m hearing this more and more and it just solidifies that I was born to be a planner!

What are your business goals? My first goal is for FMD Events to become the premier event planning company for millennials and generation z. My second goal is to be the go-to wedding planner for the top beauty/fashion bloggers and influencers. I want FMD Events to be known as the industry expert for all things related to weddings & event planning. Lastly, I want to solidify my business as a destination wedding planning company. No location is too far for FMD Events!

What’s your favorite part of the wedding industry? I love attending all the industry events where I can network with new people, make new friends in the industry, see new and upcoming design trends, and of course eat all the delicious food!

What’s your least favorite part of the wedding industry? My least favorite part is The competitiveness and over-saturation of vendors.

Describe your vision of the “perfect” wedding. My perfect wedding is one where the bride & groom truly have tons of fun are really the center of attention. The wedding day goes by so fast for the couple so my perfect wedding would ensure the couple is truly present for the entirety of the wedding! The wedding would be filled with awesome experiences that the bride & groom and their special guests will remember forever. The wedding would showcase the true and deep love of the couple while still being lighthearted and entertaining for all involved.

Where do you find the most inspiration? Instagram! Instagram is key for keeping up with the ever-changing trends. A lot of my brides use Instagram to choose their vendors as well.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?
10 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner
1. You both work and don't want wedding planning to take over your life.
2. Your wedding planning experience should be enjoyable, not stressful.
3. You need to hire vendors you can trust.
4. You need help figuring out and sticking to your budget.
5. You should be 100% present for your wedding day.
6. You have tricky family dynamics to navigate.
7. Hiring a wedding planner is like having your very own personal assistant in the
world of weddings.
8. You'll have more time to enjoy your engagement.
9. Wedding planners know all the questions everyone else forgets to ask.
10. Your mom/sister/cousin/best friend is not a wedding planner. Leave it to the professionals!

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