Josette and Kevin’s Romantic Brooklyn-Chic Engagement

Josette and Kevin's love story began when first becoming aware of each other on a dating website. Thoroughly intrigued by each others profiles they exchanged numbers and continued their conversation over the phone. In Josette's words, "the conversation was great and felt easy, so we decided to meet in person for a dinner date." A lovely Hibachi dinner date turned into after-dinner drinks, and the more then learned about the other the more their coming together began to feel like fate...

Read all about Josette & Kevin's love story, Paris proposal, and wedding aspirations, in their romantic "Brooklyn-Chic" engagement.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Josette & Kevin
Occupations: Managing Director & Supervisor
Wedding date: 9/20/19
Wedding location: 501 Union, Brooklyn, NY
Location of Engagement shoot: Brooklyn, NY

How did you meet? We met on a dating website before they were as mainstream as they are now. When we spoke on the phone the conversation was great and felt easy, so we decided to meet in person for a dinner date. We had the best time talking about basketball and our favorite teams and bantering back and forth. Dinner turned into after-dinner drinks and more great conversation. We both discovered our love of adventure, travel and adrenaline rushes.

Tell us your proposal story. We got engaged this past June (2018) in Paris after being together for about 7 years. Kevin is a low key guy and while I'm a little more "out there" I never wanted a very public proposal with a crew of people, even if they were family and friends. In my head, it was going to happen on a Saturday morning when we were lazing around catching up on our shows and Kevin would make breakfast as usual and bring it to me in bed with a ring. But he surprised me! The way it happened was perfect.
It's a long story, but the set up helps to tell the story about who we are and our relationship. We traveled to Paris via London as we had to make a stop for family and despite having a hotel room right in the airport, we ended up missing our flight and there were no others on our airline to Paris that day
Usually, I'm the fixer and the one to go "zero to 100 real quick" and Kevin is the calm and level-headed one. Roles were reversed in this instance and he insisted we had to get to Paris that day. We got to a very rainy Paris late that evening, so aside from dinner and drinks, we did not do too much else...

The next morning we hit the town sightseeing and went to see Notre Dame walked around the Latin Quarters and had a full day of knocking about the streets of Paris. Jet lag caught up to us and a mini nap had us wake up at 9 pm that Tuesday night! Not wanting to waste the night we got up and decided to go to the Eiffel Tower for the night view. We got there too late to go to the top, but still got to see the light show. Kevin was not pleased. We said we'd go back the next day and then went back to our neighborhood on the hunt for food despite it being near midnight as our bodies were still on NY time. We ended up going to a cafe right down the street from our hotel called Le Buci that served food late. It was bustling with many people seated on the sidewalk eating, drinking, smoking their cigarettes and having a great time. It felt very French!
The moments before it happened I was scrolling through our photos from the day on my phone and saying how much I loved Paris and how I should move there, become a waitress and live a simple, fabulous French life. As I'm talking he asks what about him, and we begin bantering back and forth before I turn to face him and see the ring! The rest is fuzzy because I could barely see through my (happy!) tears and it felt like an out of body experience. There we were engaged sitting in the corner on the sidewalk at a cafe in Paris! It was so us...super romantic, low key (no one really noticed except for our waitress) no professional photographer - fabulous!
It turns out Kevin intended to do it at the top of the Eiffel Tower that night, but his plan was foiled and the ring was burning a hole in his pocket. He'd been carrying it around for a couple of days since leaving NY. Before we left he had asked my moms permission (my Dad passed a long time ago) and both our families knew it was going down. I couldn't have been happier!

Describe your engagement session. Kevin was born and bred in Brooklyn, and a lot of our relationship took place there and we lived together there for several years. One of our favorite dates was the day after Hurricane Irene when it was like 80 degrees and a gorgeous day. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for brunch and back. Brooklyn Bridge park is another favorite spot of ours.
To take into account both of our styles and personalities, if we had to name a theme, it would be "Brooklyn Chic". We were dressed to the nines and posed at a few fun spots in Dumbo, at Brooklyn Bridge Park and on the subway.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Travel or anything adventurous. We have skydived a couple of times, hiked an active volcano, flown planes, etc. We also like to just Netflix and chill!

How has wedding planning been so far? Overwhelming! We both have super hectic jobs so taking on planning has seemed impossible. We are now working with a fabulous planner, Terrian Freeman of Dream Plan-It Events, to help us get it together.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. We are very much looking forward to simply celebrating with our family and friends. We have been committed to each other for a long time, but making it "official official" is super exciting. Also, we are Trinidadian (I was born in Trinidad), and Bajan (Kevin's family) so it will be an epic fete!

Photography: Loreto Caceres Photography

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