La’Travia and De’Garian’s Gorgeous Gallery Engagement at the Corinthian

La'Travia was out celebrating her birthday with friends when life gifted her with what would be the greatest birthday present of all - a loving partner to spend the rest of her time with. Apprehensive at first she decided to give De'Garian a chance. Their first date would positively change the course of both their lives, setting them on the path to happily ever after. In La'Travia's words, "before I knew it I was enjoying life, building, and seeing the world with my best friend..."

Read all about La'Travia & De'Garian's love story, proposal, and wedding aspirations, in their gorgeous gallery engagement at the Corinthian - featuring event planning by MunaLuchi Coterie member Events with Darrell.

Bride & Groom-to-be: La’Travia & De’Garian
Occupations: Child Care Director & Record Label Associate
Wedding date: 2 /17/2019
Wedding location: Ashton Gardens West
Location of Engagement Shoot: The Corinthian, Houston: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel - The Exhibit

How did you meet? De’Garian and I met in September of 2013. I was out having a good time with a friend for my birthday and one of his friends knew one of my friends and they introduced us. As we were introduced I sensed his smooth player demeanor. I remember saying to myself “I am staying far away from him," I didn’t want any dealings with this guy. A few days and few phone calls later I gave in and I went on a date with him. The date was phenomenal; I loved how he talked about his goals and love for his son. This was not the man I met before, he was a gentleman. Most of all he made me laugh and I forgot about everyone around us. We continued to date and have fun. Before I knew it I was enjoying life, building, and seeing the world with my best friend. When I made a commitment to De’Garian I also made a commitment to his son. From the outside others would perceive us to be the “Perfect Couple” but we were far from that. I can personally contest we have been through struggles and adversities that can cause two individuals to separate but yet we are still standing knowing that God put us in each other's live for a reason. God places different people in your life, when God placed De’Garian in my life he placed a person that would love me beyond my flaws and would move mountains to make sure he see's me smile. I am abundantly blessed to know that I am marrying the man of my dreams. God out did himself with this blessing in disguise!

Tell us all about your proposal. De’Garian proposed to me on January 1, 2018 with the help of both our sisters. He told me that we were attending an event so I really didn’t think too much of it. However that day I was wondering what was going on as he was acting very strange, he kept going outside talking on his phone and texting the whole day. We arrived to Mastro's Restaurant and I noticed he was walking extremely fast ahead of me, then I saw my mom, his mom, then the whole family and our friends. At that moment I knew what was about to happen. Him and his son got on one knee and asked me to marry them? I cried, I laughed, and even hit his arm because I couldn’t believe he hid this from me so well!
A week later we went to the place he purchased my ring from and all the employees were hugging me and telling us congratulations. One lady came and whispered to me he has been coming here for the past several months looking at rings. I thought that was the most thoughtful thing anyone has done for me and I will love him forever for that!

Describe your engagement session. We had two separate engagement sessions. The first one was located at a beautiful mansion with gold antiques. Our theme for the first shoot was “royalty inspired.” We wanted to capture us! A young, vibrant, modern day couple, but we're also traditional - kind of like Coming to America.
Our second engagement session was a mix of two things. One was with our son (my stepson) we wanted to include him because it’s not just about “us” it was about him as well. We wanted to show the world that in a new era blended families do exist and it can work. A blended family is beautiful, and although the situation may not be ideal to some, it can still be done in a healthy and loving way. My stepson loves that he has an extra mom to talk to and depend on and I love being there for him. He understands that I am not just marrying his dad but also him. Our second look was shot in The Corinthian, Houston: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel - The Exhibit, where we were surrounded by beautiful paintings. It meant so much to shoot there because it had the paintings from Genesis where the story of Adam and Eve began, and the paintings went all the way to “Judgment Day.” We have a love for art so this meant a lot to shoot there. It was a wonderful opportunity. This look was also inspired by “The Carters” with “The Glovers” personal touch.

What did you do on your first date? On our first date we met at a restaurant for dinner. We were so intrigued in each other's conversation and getting to know one another that we stayed till they closed. We literally talked for hours!

What’s your favorite thing to do as a couple? Our favorite thing to do as a couple is travel. We love to travel whether if it’s a road trip or flying. It's always good to get away from work, the day to day, and turn our phones off and enjoy each other. We have even met other couples on our trips - it's really nice to mingle with new couples and hear their stories and also share our stories to new people. I love the tropical locations and De’Garian loves water so it’s always easy to find somewhere different to travel to. We usually take a family trip once a year and a trip with just the two of us once a year. We would like to visit all the islands!

How has wedding planning been so far? So far wedding planning for us has been fun and exciting. Our wedding planner Darrell makes the experience seamless. Our wedding party and both of our parents are always helpful and coming up with ideas and they have also decided to host an event every month that leads up to the wedding. Which has been so much fun and a great team building experience.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. I’m looking forward to marrying my best friend and seeing my mom’s expression at seeing her oldest daughter walk down the aisle.

Photography: Daniel T Davis
Wedding Planner: Events with Darrell & 19Eleven Events

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